Campus Climate Conversations

Climate conversations are one-hour peer group discussions that are co-facilitated by Campus Climate Ambassadors. These meetings are intended to inspire discourse about the climate data, and ultimately help identify what needs to happen at the unit level to move the university toward its aspirational climate.

During these conversations, there will be a structured format of questions to discuss through one-on-one pairings, group discussions, individual reflection and more. As a participant, you may be asked to consider:

  • How does the work you do support the success of UMass Amherst?
  • How might those challenges expressed in the Campus Climate Survey data get in the way of how your work is connected to/support the success of UMass Amherst?
  • What can you do to improve the climate on campus?

Participation in Climate Conversations

All students, faculty and staff were invited to take part in Climate Conversations, which took place in the spring 2018 semester from March 19 through April 27. Most units hosted multiple conversations, so there will be several opportunities for engagement. Details of dates, times, and locations of each unit’s climate conversation was made available via email.

You also may confidentially share your thoughts now through May 15.

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