Campus Climate Ambassadors

In spring 2018, the Office of Equity and Inclusion opened applications for campus climate ambassadors. These ambassadors included undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff, and sought to incorporate the many voices that make up the UMass fabric in a conversation around campus climate. 

As part of their duties, campus climate ambassadors received several hours of training and were called upon to facilitate or co-facilitate small peer group meetings—called climate conversations—across campus to support unit-level efforts to develop local goals to move us toward our aspirational climate.

For their service, all ambassadors received a personalized UMass jacket, attended a luncheon with Chancellor Kumble R. Subbaswamy, and chose from a variety of sporting events to attend as the Chancellor’s guest in the 2018-19 academic year.

Campus Climate Ambassadors

The campus climate ambassadors served in a vital role, helping to usher the university into its next phase of its Campus Climate Study. We thank them for their dedication, time, and commitment to making UMass Amherst a place where all feel welcome. 

Undergraduate Students

  • Isabel Albinger
  • Ayele Ba
  • Ambyr Braxton
  • Devin Mulligan
  • Max Rubin
  • Leritza Ruiz
  • Jane Viviano

Graduate Students

  • Zander Crowley
  • Peter McGinn
  • Ravi Ratan Raj Monga
  • Korka Sall


  • Patricia Galvis-Assmus
  • Karen Kurczynski
  • Jennifer McDermott
  • Magda Oiry
  • Ellen Pader
  • Cara Takakjian


  • Alina Carcea
  • Amy Stout
  • Anjali Cadena
  • Anna-Maria Goossens
  • AnnMarie Duchon
  • Antoinette Uwamwiza
  • Colby Gray
  • Crystal Nieves
  • Danielle Barone
  • Dave Neely
  • David Sullivan
  • Ebru Kardan
  • Eshwar Shanker
  • Iris Chelaru
  • Jason Incorvati
  • Jennifer Page
  • Jessica Krause
  • Joshua Dodds
  • Julie Chatzinoff
  • Karen Ayotte
  • Karl Bluemel
  • LizAnette Perez Lind
  • Michael Dodge
  • Nathalie McCormick
  • Pamela Dutta
  • Patricia Tomala
  • Risa Silverman
  • Robert Judge
  • Sandra Pirrello
  • Tom O'Donnell