Spring 2019 Climate Ambassadors

A group of 20 campus climate ambassadors smiling at the camera

Climate Ambassadors

In spring 2018, the Office of Equity and Inclusion and Workplace Learning and Development launched the campus climate ambassadors program. A campus-wide call for applications was distributed, and the carefully chosen ambassadors received several hours of training in order to facilitate small peer group meetings—called climate conversations—across campus. These ambassadors included undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty and staff, and sought to incorporate the many voices that make up the UMass fabric in a conversation around campus climate. 

This spring of 2019, the climate ambassador and climate conversation initiative continues, with Dignity and Respect in Action: Community Conversations. In support of the UMass Dignity and Respect Campaign, these conversations will be focused on creating dialogue and developing skills for building more inclusive campus communities. As we strive to move the university toward its aspirational climate, participation in UMass' various initiatives around equity and inclusion are critical, and we urge any and all members of our campus community to apply to become a part of this program or to join the conversation in the spring semester.

Ambassadors will facilitate one-hour long conversations with a small group of campus participants during a session that will last a total of two-hours, with the potential for a follow-up lunch conversation with the same group. These sessions will take place in February and the beginning of March and release time will be available for staff ambassadors.

2019 Ambassadors

Phoebe Bisnoff
Melody Chartier
Heonsook Cho
Maegan Clearwood
Erin Crowell
Zander Crowley
Dipa Desai
Leslie Fraser
Astha Gupta
Robert Judge
Daniel LaBonte
Megan Lewis
Nicole Montana
Julia Moss
Michela Oster
Aaron Shackelford
Eshwar Shanker
Amy Stout
Danielle Thomas
Neena Thota
Brigid Williams
Peggy Woods
Lorraine Cordeiro
Cynthia Jacelon
Christoph Kennedy
Sara Kingsley
Melinda LeLacheur
Ibroxim Madjidov
Chris Pilsner
David Waldman
Evan Wang