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2021 Faculty Diversity Reception
2021 Faculty Diversity Reception

The Office of Faculty Development is committed to building a community of dignity and respect for every member of our community. Explore some of the many campus programs that support equity and inclusion and foster a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Faculty of Color Dialogues on Engaged and Creative Research

OFD Chancellor's Leadership Fellow and Professor of Education Laura Valdiviezo is working to expand definitions of successful research in engaged and creative work among scholars of color at UMass Amherst. She has designed dialogue meetings with faculty of color in order to generate detailed and contextualized knowledge of what constitutes excellent research. “It is important that we build on the existing knowledge of our community,” says Valdiviezo. “I have been pleased to find like-minded colleagues who want to expand understanding and recognition of excellence in the work we do. For me, this is exciting as it signals our preparedness to be revolutionary and embark in cultural transformation towards more knowledgeable and just ways of embracing diversity at our institution.”

Professor Valdivizeo is facilitating faculty of color dialogues about engaged and creative work throughout the 2021-22 academic year. The purpose of these dialogues is to learn new insights from faculty to expand definitions of excellent research in order to further institutional visibility and support for FOC invested in engaged and creative research. “The title of this series is inspired by Boaventura de Sousa Santos' writings on decolonizing the university and the imperatives of cognitive justice,” says Valdiviezo. “As someone interested in epistemologies from the South and the validation of other ways of knowing and being in the world, I believe the series is just a small but important step towards expanding institutional understanding and recognition of what constitutes excellent research and its contribution to a better world.”

2021-22 Faculty of Color Dialogues on Engaged and Creative Research:

Hosted by the Office of Faculty Development in collaboration with UMass Faculty Diversity

LEAD+: Setting the Stage for Equity in Department Decision-Making


Hosted by the Academic Personnel Office and the Office of Faculty Development in collaboration with UMass ADVANCE 

LEAD+ (Leadership Enhancement for Academic Departments) is a professional development and support program for heads/chairs and associate deans covering topics of common concern to department/unit leaders. It is offered jointly by the Academic Personnel Office and the Office of Faculty Development.

Laurel Smith-Doerr, Professor of Sociology, Principal Investigator for UMass ADVANCE
Ethel Mickey, Postdoctoral Research Associate for UMass ADVANCE

This session is open to heads/chairs and associate deans. Please email ofd@umass.edu with questions and/or for more information. 

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