Photo of Students

These charts and figures represent a basic breakdown of the composition of our campus by race and ethnicity, age, and gender for faculty, staff, and students who choose to self-report their identities. Additional statistical information is available through the Office of Institutional Research. The links below each figure will take you to the specific statistical table from which the figures are created.


race of undergraduate students
Source: Race and Ethnicity of Undergraduate Students (US Citizens Reporting)

race of grad students
Source: Race and Ethnicity of Graduate Students (US Citizens Reporting)

gender of students
Source: UMass at a Glance 

age of undergraduate students fall 2017
Source: UMass at a Glance

age of students
Source: UMass at a Glance


race of staff
Source: Race/Ethnicity and Gender of Staff by Job Classification


race of faculty
Source: UMass at a Glance; includes tenure and non-tenure track

gender and minority status of faculty
Source: Instructional Faculty by Gender and Minority Status by School/College 

minority status of faculty
Source: Instructional Faculty by Gender and Minority Status by School/College