Campus Data

These charts and figures represent a basic breakdown of the composition of our campus by race and ethnicity, age, and gender for faculty, staff, and students who choose to self-report their identities. Additional statistical information is available through the Office of Institutional Research. The links below each figure will take you to the specific statistical table from which the figures are created.

Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Faculty Staff
23,515 enrolled undergraduate students 7,078 enrolled graduate students (including CPE) 1,076 tenure-track faculty 4,414 staff
50% are women 49% are women 47% are women 52% are women
15% are from underrepresented groups* 16% are from underrepresented groups* 9% are from underrepresented groups* 12% are from underrepresented groups*
21% of the entering first-year class are first-generation college students 40% are doctoral students 55% of all instructional faculty are tenured, 73% of instructional tenure-system faculty 90% are union represented
7% are international 28% are international/non-domestic    

* African American, Chicano/Latino, and Native American/Alaska Native. Based on US citizens/permanent residents reporting race/ethnicity


UMass Office of Institutional Research, Fall Enrollment Fact Sheet, Fall 2018
UMass Office of Institutional Research, Race/Ethicity of Undergraduate Students (U.S. Citizens) Fall 1999 to Fall2018
UMass Office of Institutional Research, Race/Ethicity of Graduate Students (U.S. Citizens) Fall 1999 to Fall 2018
UMass Office of Institutional Research, Number of Full-Time Instructional Faculty by Academic Rank, Sex, and Tenure Status, Fall 2017 and Fall 2018
UMass Office of Institutional Research, Full-Time Instructional Faculty by School/College and Rank, Fall 2017 and Fall 2018
UMass Office of Institutional Research, Race/Ethnicity and Sex of Staff by Job Classification Fall 2009 - Fall 2018


Race and ethnicity of undergraduate students

Source: Race and Ethnicity of Undergraduate Students (US Citizens Reporting)

Race and ethnicity of graduate students

Source: Race and Ethnicity of Graduate Students (US Citizens Reporting)

gender of incoming students

Source: UMass at a Glance

age distribution of undergrads

Source: UMass at a Glance

graduate student age distribution

Source: UMass at a Glance


race and ethnicity of staff

Source: Race/Ethnicity and Gender of Staff by Job Classification


Race and ethnicity of faculty

Source: UMass at a Glance; includes tenure and non-tenure track

instructional faculty by gender

Source: Instructional Faculty by Gender and Minority Status by School/College

gender of faculty by college

Campus Statistics

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for reporting many of the official statistics pertaining to students, faculty and staff on the campus. Below are links to key statistics related to UMass's campus diversity.

The current Diversity Strategic Plan encourages the university to collect more information on additional forms of diversity. 

Student Data 

Admissions, enrollment and retention and graduation rate statistics by various demographic characteristics including race/ethnicity. Additionally:

  • OIR hosts a Public Disclosure website which reports student consumer information.  As mandated by the amendments to the U.S. Higher Education Act, this site provide sources of reliable information for current and prospective students including diversity statistics.
  • Key statistics are also summarized in the annual "At a Glance" factsheet.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty Data (includes gender and minority status by college/school, by academic rank, and by average salary)

Staff Data (race/ethnicity and gender by job classification)

Key statistics are also summarized in the annual "At a Glance" factsheet.

Affirmative Action

UMass publishes an annual Affirmative Action Program which has been developed in compliance with federal regulations, but also serves to inform the campus community of our collective efforts and progress in matters related to affirmative action and equal opportunity.

Clery Act

UMass Police Department (UMPD) maintains records and data related to Clery Act, including campus security and crime statistics. Visit the UMPD website for the complete list of data.