Building Bridges

Building Bridges banners are displayed outside the Fine Arts Center at UMass

As the spring semester begins, the university will launch Building Bridges, an initiative designed to foster new connections among UMass community members who come from greatly varied backgrounds and hold differing perspectives. It’s an opportunity, no matter what your role or job may be on campus, to become actively engaged.

The project includes a series of high-profile art installations, enrichment courses for staff, events and lectures. Students, faculty and staff are invited to get involved in Building Bridges in a way that feels meaningful to them, whether by attending an event or contributing to one of the three core projects: a Building Bridges Art Installation; a course called Building Bridges: Our Immigrant Voices; and a course called Building Bridges: Showcasing Worker Artists at UMass. Read the news story

Building Bridges Art Installation

The art installation invites individuals to answer the questions: “What differences do you want to bridge and/or connect, and how can we accomplish this goal?” The responses will be written on 56 different cards that, when assembled, will create a mosaic that spells out the words “building bridges.” These cards will make up two panels that will be displayed on a 12-foot tower emblazoned with the words “Building Bridges” in multiple languages. The result will be a large public art installation prominently displayed on campus.  

How to get involved: Additional details for involvement are forthcoming. Learn more

Building Bridges: Our Immigrant Voices

In this 11-week course, participants will create mini-projects that amplify the voices of immigrant employees on campus. Photographs and stories gathered in this course will be displayed around campus and will highlight the diversity of UMass as well as elevate the contributions of the campus’ immigrant employees.

How to get involved: Enroll now.

Building Bridges: Showcasing Worker Artists at UMass

The six-week course will bring together worker artists and others to explore ways of highlighting the art created by UMass employees. It aims to recognize essential workers—those who may clean the restrooms, serve food in dining halls, tend the grounds or engage in clerical tasks—and celebrate their artistic talents in a way that enriches the UMass community.

How to get involved: Enroll now.

Events and More

Building Bridges in the Library: Stairway Mural Contest

Students have been designing and painting murals in the library stairwells since 1986. This year, the Library Art Committee is hosting a special "Building Bridges" mural contest, requesting submissions from anyone or any group from the UMass community. Submissions are due by March 1 and May 1. Learn more

Additional events will be announced soon.