Questions for Self Reflection

A toolkit series to guide UMass community members in understanding, interpreting, reflecting on, and responding to findings of the 2021 Campus Climate Survey

What is your initial response to this data? Which emotions do you notice? (Note: you may find this Feelings Inventory list helpful!)

Members of marginalized  or minoritized groups most directly impacted might feel…

  • Affirmed to see their experiences reflected

  • Frustrated that this experience is not already common knowledge

  • Cautious/skeptical about the potential for change

  • Vigilant to see how others will respond 

Those not directly impacted, but who strive towards allyship might feel…

  • Surprised to learn that many community members do not feel a strong sense of belonging

  • Sadness that things are “worse than you realized”

  • sense of urgency to act immediately and fix every problem

Those who have not yet had an opportunity (or obligation) to consider these topics might feel…

  • Disengaged -- ”what  does this have to do  with me anyway?”

  • Confused, impatient, or even irritated by others’ strong reactions

  • Embarrassed by a lack of knowledge or awareness

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel--all emotional responses are helpful information!

  • What feels familiar about these findings and/or the emotions that accompany them? Are you reminded of past experiences you've had at UMass or elsewhere?

  • What questions do you still have after considering this data?

  • What else would you like to know or understand more deeply?

Questions for Group Reflection and Discussion

  • Does this data feel accurate to your experience in your role, unit, or department? Why or why not?

  • If the issues identified in this data set were effectively addressed and transformed, how would we know? What would be the evidence?How would your group or team look, feel, and function if everyone experienced a deep sense of belonging?

  • How will this knowledge inform both future and ongoing actions and initiatives? How will our individual and collective choices move us closer to the future we are imagining into?

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