Climate Improvement Grant Application Preview

The following is a preview of the questions you will be asked in the Qualtrix grant application in order to prepare your answers in advance. This should not be used in any way to submit an application. Once you are ready to submit your application, please go the the Qualtrix application.

In order to successfully submit your application, you will be answering the following:

Info Sessions

Did you watch the Climate Grant information Video? (No/Yes)

Which Climate Grant office hours did you attend?

  • I have not attended any
  • Wednesday March 2nd at 2pm
  • Tuesday March 8th at 10am
  • Thursday March 10th at 2pm

Did you meet with Emmanuel Adero outside of the Climate Grant office hours, to discuss your proposal and parameters for applying? (Not yet / Yes)

Your Information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Campus email
  • Campus role (Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, Staff, Faculty)
  • Department
  • Do you have any partners on this project? (Yes/No)

Project Information

  • What is the name of your project?
  • Provide a brief description of your project.
  • How does your project address the Campus’ Strategic Goals around Diversity and Inclusion?
  • How does your project promote understanding, knowledge-building, and/or invest in relationship-building across difference in the campus community?
  • What specific issue(s) related to Campus Climate does your project address?
  • What campus climate impact do you expect your project to have?
  • How will you measure the impact your project has made on campus climate? How will you know that those outcomes were achieved for your participants?
  • How does your project contribute to sustained campus climate improvement? If you are proposing a one-time event, please make the case for the impact on climate improvement.
  • We are interested in approaches that create partnerships between groups/offices or across departments, and that promote community-building. How does your project achieve this?

Budget Information

  • What is the total budget amount requested?
  • You will be asked to upload a budget form.
  • Please explain how the funds will be used.
  • Please provide any additional information that could be useful in the selection process.