ADVANCE Program Goals

Through a combination of research and programming, the goal of the UMass ADVANCE program is to provide sufficient access to resources, relationships, and recognition in the arenas of research collaboration, inclusive community building, and shared decision-making. Our specific goals include:

  • Recruit and retain faculty who are diverse by gender, race/ethnicity, nationality, and other measures.
  • Ensure that faculty feel satisfied, included, and respected, and can effectively pursue their career goals.
  • Provide clear pathways to advancement to promotion, tenure, and leadership roles for all faculty members.
  • Help faculty members identify collaborators, effectively engage in collaborative research, and receive recognition for collaborative research.
  • Create opportunities for faculty members to build relationships and inclusive communities.
  • Guarantee that all faculty members receive support and mentoring in their career development.
  • Develop best practices models for shared decision-making and leadership development.