Incoming Students

Welcome to UMass!

  1. Students and family members are invited to check out our instructional videos. Currently they include: How to Register with DSBuilding Community and a Sense of Belonging

  2. Following the videos, if you have additional questions, please join us for NSOT Zoom Drop In Sessions for Students with Disability Services or for NSOT Zoom Drop In Sessions for Parents with Disability Services. 
  3.  DS staff will also be available for more private consultation during Day 2 of summer Ready for the U dates. 

  4. Please be sure to register with Disability Services. In higher education, there are major shifts to your rights and responsibilities as an adult. You must let us know you are here and what you need! Once you are registered, you'll receive an email encouraging you to schedule a first appointment with an Access Coordinator

  5. Stay tuned to your UMass email, our website for updates and FAQs for students and parents.

  6. Check your email. You will receive information confirming your registration with DS and other important information regarding our services. Put these dates in your calendar.

We are eager to work with you. Welcome!

FAQ for New & Prospective Students Transitioning to UMass

I have an IEP and/or 504 plan, will this carry over into college? 

  • The exact IEP and/or 504 plan will not carry over into college because when a student transitions from high school to the college environment, the laws protecting the student change from IDEA to the ADA. You can register with DS with an IEP/504 plan, and we will seek to work with students to see how the accommodations received through the IEP/ 504 plan will best translate into the college environment.  Not all accommodations translate to the higher education setting.

  • We encourage students to obtain updated testing through their school systems, prior to graduation, if possible. Students who seek exam accommodations for GRE's, LSAT's, MCAT's etc. should be aware that those testing agencies require documentation within 3 years. Testing is expensive and time consuming and not covered typically by health insurance. 

What accommodations do you offer/ will I receive?

  • Disability Services cannot guarantee your accommodations without having an opportunity to review your diagnostic documentation and speak with the student. You can schedule an appointment with an Access Coordinator to discuss access needs as we recognize access is an essential need that you will consider when making a decision on where you attend college.  

  • Beginning May 8th, Disability Services will post short videos to assist with the transition to college. The videos will be available online on the DS website. Following review, if you have questions, you are welcome to join us at a zoom drop-in session. We will host sessions for students and sessions for incoming students. Stay tuned to the DS website for dates, times and Zoom locations. 

  • Appointments can be made for Zoom, over the phone or in person appointments in our 161 Whitmore office. You can reach us by email: or by phone: 413-545-0892 to schedule an appointment with an Access Coordinator. Online scheduling is reserved for students who are currently enrolled at UMass and can login to Clockwork for students with their NET ID and password.  

  • Accommodation eligibility is dependent upon the nature and extent of the disability and the individual student’s needs. To answer this question specifically, an Access Coordinator would need to meet with a student to understand their educational experiences and needs, review their documentation and what kinds of accommodations they received in the high school setting, and have a discussion about accommodation eligibility based on this information.  

  • The most utilized accommodations we offer include: 

  • The Note-Taking Program 

  • Glean (AI enabled note-taking app) allows students to audio record and time stamp valuable information in their classes. 

  • Volunteer note-takers or faculty notes when available 

  • Additional Time for Assignments 

  • Exam Accommodations 

  • Additional time on exams 

  • Distraction reduced setting 

  • Exam proctoring 

  • Learning Specialist Program 

    • executive functioning support 

    • Disability mentoring 

How do I register with Disability Services? 

Once enrolled at UMass, you will receive a net ID and student number. When you have these, you can register with Disability Services. 

Login to Clockwork for Students (located on our webpage). 

  • Click on the Registration icon and upload relevant documentation. 

  • Please refer to these documentation guidelines if you have questions about what documentation you should share with us.  

Schedule a Meeting 

  • Once you have received a confirmation email, please contact us to schedule an appointment with a Disability Services Access Coordinator. You can schedule an appointment by: 

  • Log into Clockwork and click on the “Schedule an appointment” icon, or Call 413-545-0892 or email us with your name, student #, umass email and availability for meeting between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. M-F at   

  • Appointments can be scheduled for Zoom, over the phone or in person in our 161 Whitmore office. Please inform us of your preference when you schedule the appointment.

  • Your Access Coordinator will follow up with a zoom link or phone call if you opt for a remote appointment. Otherwise, your meeting will be located at 161 Whitmore. 

What type of documentation is needed to register? 

  • Ideally, your most recent assessment/ evaluation. Here is a link to a documentation guide to help you. 

  • If you do not have any current documentation (past 5-7 years) or a diagnosis, you may register with our office under a conditional status. A conditional status will allow you one year to acquire diagnostic documentation while you may receive basic, placeholder accommodations. 

How long will it take to be notified about registration? 

  • Usually about 2-3 weeks, but this may vary slightly depending on the time of year the registration form is submitted. 

  • If you have a time-sensitive request, then you should contact our office and request to set up a meeting with an Access Coordinator even before your documentation has been screened. This way we can be alerted to your situation and offer support and possible accommodations in a timely manner

How do accommodations work? 

  • When first registering with the Disability Services Office, you will need to meet with an Access Coordinator to discuss the accommodations you are eligible for. Accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis. One they have been determined; your Access Coordinator will then prepare an accommodation letter for each of your professors, so they are aware of the accommodations that you are eligible to receive during the semester. Following your Access Coordinator meeting, you will log back into Clockwork and send your faculty these letters. If you have note taking or exam accommodations, now is the time to select which class you will need notes in under the “Notes” icon and you may also begin scheduling exams on Clockwork to be taken through the Exam Proctoring Coordinator by selecting the “exams” icon. 

  • If you are a student eligible for accommodations, but do not currently need them, please register anyway. Should you find yourself in a health crisis down the road, we can assist you quickly. This will avoid you tracking down paperwork when in crisis. We cannot provide any accommodations retro-actively. Whether you use your accommodations in a class or not, is up to you. 

  • Students also have a responsibility to communicate and follow up in a timely fashion with their professors when requesting class accommodations. Some accommodations will require clarification with faculty/instructors. Do not wait until the last minute to meet with instructors about extensions or exam arrangements. 

  • We assist with and teach self-advocacy skills to help students navigate situations, such as communicating with professors. We want students to be able to communicate their needs and to self-advocate (with our assistance when needed) as they progress through their university life. 

  • Students will need to build rapport with faculty throughout their educational career. It’s good advice for any student to make time to meet with their faculty through office hours. It is imperative that students with disabilities make this time. The better faculty know you, the more opportunities you will benefit from. You may not need much from them now, but you may need recommendations for internships, and graduate school applications down the road. 

I disclosed that I have a disability with Admissions. Does the University know that I have accommodation needs? 

  • No. UMass is a decentralized campus. Even though you shared this with admissions, or another office, your disability status will not be shared with anyone, including Disability Services, at the University. You will need to reach out to Disability Services directly to register for accommodations 

Does registration with Disability Services go onto my permanent academic record? 

  • No. Your disability status will not be reflected in your transcript or any other official University files. 

General Advice: 

Helpful ideas for students: Email Communication

  • Check your UMass email regularly. All UMass info comes through here for security reasons.
  • Use any other email accounts you have solely for other communications, so you don’t have to wade through a bunch of ads/coupons to get to important notices.

Help ideas for parents: Family Communication

  • Have a conversation about communication expectations. Responding to texts/calls. How often you expect to be in touch with your parents/students.
  • Remind your students to let you know when things don’t go well or when you need assistance. It is so much easier to help earlier on than when things have snowballed. We cannot provide retro-active accommodations.