Consumer Management

Student on Life Science Lab balcony

Consumer Managers are a student's main contact in the Disability Services office. They are charged with the responsibilities of meeting with students, reviewing documentation, meeting with consumers and identifying what accommodations are appropriate for the individual and providing direction on how to obtain such accommodations. Additionally, Consumer Managers send out faculty accommodation forms for classroom accommodations, speak with student supervisors when appropriate and communicate with other offices regarding accommodation needs. 

Managed Process

Each new student, transfer student or student new to Disability Services is assigned a Consumer Manager for their first year. This provides the consumer a consistent resource to turn to when assistance is needed. Following the first year, students are assessed, some remain in the managed process and others move to the express process. Some second semester students in the managed process will be allowed to send out their pre-determined accommodations forms to instructors first before meeting with their Consumer Managers for additional support.

Express Process

Students deemed eligible to work independently can, following a year of Consumer Management, participate in our Express Process. Students who participate in the Express Process can send out their pre-determined accommodation forms to instructors, but they do not need to meet with a Consumer Manager to obtain their accommodations. Should a problem or concern arise, students may contact the office for assistance and work with any available Consumer Manager.