Note Taking Procedures

Isenberg Classroom

Note-Taking Services are available to eligible students. Once a student has met with an Access Coordinator and logs in to Clockwork to send their accommodation letters to faculty/instructors, they should also select "course notes" from the Clockwork menu to identify the classes they may need supplemental notes for. Please see directions below. This process alerts the Note Taking Coordinator that notes are needed in specific course. 

Many notes are provided directly by instructors and can be accessed on the course website or Moodle.  If notes are not provided by the Instructor, Disability Services will provide students with a Glean for Education account where they can use this tool to take notes. All students who utilize Glean are expected to read the Agreement for Recording Lectures and Discussions. If your faculty/instructor asks the class not to utilize Glean, please respect that and seek another note taking option.

If Glean is not an appropriate accommodation (language taught in another language, instructor with strong accent or fast speech pattern), the student should inform us at Please provide us your name, ID#, the course where there is a challenge (ex: WGSS 100, Section 14).  DS will work collaboratively with faculty to obtain a student volunteer note taker from the class. Student note takers are contracted to upload their notes to Clockwork within 24 hours of each class session and upload them to Clockwork for easy downloading by eligible students. For their efforts, note takers can earn 45 hours of community service per class each semester.  Students in need of notes are notified once notes are available for download. 

How to Request Access To Notes In Clockwork

1) Go to and select the link called “Clockwork for Students”.

2) Select “Course Notes” from the main menu. You will then be asked to log into Clockwork. Your username and password is the same used for accessing Spire, Moodle, OneDrive, etc.

3) Select “Course/notes” in the gray menu bar. 

4) If you are requesting access to course notes, change the “No” to a “Yes” but selecting the “change this” link under the column “I require a note taker”. This will alert our note taking staff of your accommodation request. 

5) Clockwork will ask you to confirm your request. Select ok.

Please Note: note-taking services are assigned for lecture courses only. Due to the interactive format of labs, discussion-sections, team-based learning, direct language-instruction, clinicals, practicums, independent-study and online courses, note-taking services cannot be provided by a note-taker. If you feel you have a disability related need for note-taking services within an interactive course, please discuss with an Access Coordinator so we can determine an appropriate accommodation.