Complaint Resolution

The University has an established system of grievance procedures to address complaints of alleged discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, color, religion, creed, age, marital status, national origin, veteran status and disability. Grievants are encouraged to resolve complaints informally by working with the relevant parties and administrators. The Ombuds Office and the Dean of Students Office together, with the Office of Equal Opportunity are available to assist in this resolution process. 

The Executive Director for Equal Opportunity will provide information about the University's obligations with respect to the provisions of nondiscrimination statutes including information about the requirement to provide program accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Resolving Academic Accommodation Requests That Are In Dispute

It is important that accommodation issues be resolved before course performance is significantly affected. To effect a timely resolution of requests that are in dispute, the following procedures will be used:

Step One: Within THREE working days of a recognition that accommodations are in dispute, the department head or chair or the departmental designee may be asked to make a suggestion about accommodations based on a knowledge of departmental practices. After such a request has been made, the department head or chair or designee will have FIVE working days to communicate the recommendation to all parties.

Step Two: If the suggestion arising from Step One does not produce a mutually acceptable resolution, or if there is no suggestion arising from Step One, any of the parties may, within THREE working days of the end of Step One, request a resolution by the Executive Director for Equal Opportunity. The Executive Director or designee, working in consultation with the affected student and instructor, the Disability Services office, appropriate academic administrators, and the ADA Compliance Officer, will make a decision about the resolution of the situation within TEN working days of receipt of a request.

NOTE: In order to ensure that a student’s ability to succeed in a course is not irretrievably and unlawfully compromised during the period when the accommodation request is under consideration, accommodations requested by Disability Services will be in effect during Step One and Step Two. Instructors who do not provide requested accommodations during this period will be considered to be in violation of University policy, and appropriate disciplinary measures, consistent with applicable union contractual provisions, may be invoked.

The student has a right (and must be so informed) to advice from the Disability Services office at all times during this process. A representative from Disability Services may accompany the student to any meetings in which the student is involved.