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Accommodations Appeals Process

How to Appeal Denied Accommodation Requests:
The appeals process typically takes 15-30 business days to process. Appeals must be submitted within 60 business days of the decision that the student is contesting. Any accommodation that may be added as a result of the appeals process will only take effect once the decision is finalized. Accommodations cannot be retroactive; if the decision is overturned in your favor, it will not apply to past semesters, past courses, past exams, or past assignments. All appeals determinations are final.

Appeals Process:
1. When a student disagrees with a decision made on accommodations or eligibility, they should first take steps to meet with their assigned Access Coordinator to discuss their concerns. The AC will gather information from the student and attempt to resolve the student's concern or provide referrals alternative resources that may be better suited to address the student's area of difficulty.
a. If the student submits new documentation or new information that was not available for the original review, a complete review will start from the beginning and the request will be brought back to the Review Committee for re-consideration. The AC will communicate the decision to the student and make referrals to other campus resources as needed.

2. When the student's concern cannot be resolved with the AC or by reconsideration from the Review Committee, the student can submit a formal appeal for review by the Appeals Committee. The student must initiate the appeal by completing the online Appeals Form within 60 days of the decision they are contesting. Once received, the student will be given the opportunity to meet with the a member of the Appeals Committee to make their appeal verbally and provide any additional details or context.

3. The Appeals Committee will gather all information by consulting with the AC, the student, any stakeholders who may be involved, and any available documentation. Once all the evidence is gathered, the Appeals Committee will meet and make a determination about the appeal.

4. A member of the Appeals Committee will communicate the final decision to the student. This decision is final and if student still has a complaint or feels there was discrimination, they will be referred to the formal grievance process through Equal Opportunity and Title IX.