September 8, 2023: Heat

We are experiencing a heatwave this week into next and most of our residence halls do not have air conditioning. Please consider the following to reduce heat in your residence. Keep doors/windows closed during the day, shut blinds/shades and curtains to reduce sun and heat from the windows, reduce oven and electronic use, utilize reusable ice packs to supplement cooling, stay hydrated and use fans to increase cooling during the night air. Keep in mind the library, campus center and student union are climate controlled and open all day and on the weekend. Summer weather like this does not last long, but please take heed during this period of hot temperatures. 

Students seeking air conditioning as an accommodation for a disability must 1) provide documentation from a licensed medical provider stating your diagnosis and how heat affects your disability, and 2) schedule an appointment with an Access Coordinator to see if this is a reasonable accommodation. If approved, DS will notify Residential Life of this housing accommodation. The approved student can then submit a work order for installation. Installations may take up to 10 days, based on demand. Students are not allowed to install their own units. All AC units installed for students due to an accommodation are free of charge. All AC units are provided by the university, retain the property of the University and must be installed and removed by a Residential Life tradesperson through work order requisition. 

August 25, 2023: Fall Semester has been loaded into Clockwork. 

If you are registered and met with an AC this summer or are a returning student with accommodations in Clockwork, you may now send out your accommodation letters to Faculty.

Next steps: 

If you are eligible for notes you will be to login to Clockwork, select "notes" and click on each class you will need notes in. This alerts our Note Taking staff that you are seeking notes. We will follow up with you to provide a Glean license to assist you with note taking and/or a student volunteer notes, which you can upload from Clockwork, once submitted. 

If you are eligible for exam accommodations, you may now login to Clockwork, select "exams" and begin booking your exams. You may also book finals between now and the finals deadline of 11/20/23. Please plan ahead!