Wei Liu

Wei Liu Phd Candidate, Fudan University.

Wei Liu is a visiting PhD Candidate from the school of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University in China. In the past, he worked on research related to administrative service centers, etiquette in community governance, special supporting policies of local governments, and mass incidents in China. Now, Liu is focusing on data technology and city management, in the context of China, in an effort to develop a theoretical framework based on practical cases in Shanghai, China.

Papers Published: “The generative Logic and Solving Way of Mass Incidents Viewed from Governmental Functions”, Journal of Ningxia Communist Party Institute (No2, 2013)

“A Systematic Analysis On Government's ‘Internality’ Problem”,Journal of Chengdu Institute of Public Administration (No1, 2013)

“The Path Choice for Community Construction in the New Era: From the Perspective of Social Capital”, the first author, Journal of Anhui Administration Institute, (No1, 2013)

“Interest Expression Controlled by the Communist Party and Government: Historical Evolution and Current Requirements”, Journal for Party and Administrative Cadres, (No10, 2013)

Book Chapters:

“New changes of public management functions,” “Longitudinal relations in public management,” “Public management process,” in Jun Zeng, ed., Public Management of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (Beijing: People's Publishing House, 2013), pp. 208-214, 220-248, 279-309.