Affiliated Faculty


Jane Fountain
Political Science and Public Policy


NCDG Faculty Affiliates

Michael Ash, Economics and Public Policy

Joshua Braun, Journalism

Mari Castañeda, Communication

Kyle Cave, Psychology

Martha Fuentes-Bautista, Communication and Public Policy

David Jensen, Computer Science

J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, Center for Technology in Government, State University of New York Albany

Peter Haas, Political Science

John Hird, Political Science and Public Policy

Ethan Katsh, Legal Studies (Emeritus) and National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution

David Lazer, Co-Founder of NCDG, Political Science and Computer and Information Science, Northeastern University

Andrew McCallum, Computer Science

Narges Mahyar, Computer Science

Jonathan Corpus Ong, Communication

Lee Osterweil, Computer Science (Emeritus)

Charles Schweik, Environmental Conservation and Public Policy

Norm Sondheimer, Computer Science