Working Papers

NCDG Working Papers are accepted from NCDG affiliated faculty and fellows and from members of NCDG Affiliated Research Groups. Working papers represent research-in-progress. NCDG also accepts Occasional Papers from our affiliates. Occasional papers are not research-in-progress and instead present expert opinions on various digital government issues. We welcome your comments on all papers posted here.

All NCDG Working and Occasional Papers are licensed to the author(s) under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. 



Na, Jihyun. 2016. Rethinking the Failure of E-Government: Industrial Policy and IT Procurement in Japan. NCDG Working Paper #16-001.



Canbarro, D. & T. Borne, M. 2014. The Case of Brazil Reloaded: Interconnectivity and Customization as Key Variables for Cybersecurity. NCDG Working Paper #14-XXX.



Canabarro, D. & T. Borne, M. 2013. Brazil and the Fog of (Cyber)War. NCDG Working Paper #13-002.

Canabarro, D. & T. Borne, M. 2013. Reflections on the Fog of (Cyber)War. NCDG Working Paper #13-001.



Fuentes-Batista, M. 2012. Mapping 'diversity of participation' in networked media environments. NCDG Working Paper #12-001.



Fountain, J. 2011. Bringing Institutions Back In to Strategic Management: The Politics of Digitally Mediated Institutional Change. NCDG Working Paper #11-001.



Fountain, J., Galindo, R., & Rothschild, J. 2010. The Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market: Creating a 21st Century Public Agency. NCDG Working Paper #10-002.

Eom, S.J. 2010. The Institutional Dimension of e-Government Promotion: A Comparative Study on Making ‘Business Reference Model (BRM)’ in the U.S. and Korea. NCDG Working Paper #10-001.



Schweik, C.M. 2009. Successful and Abandoned Sourceforge.Net Projects in the Initiation Stage. NCDG Working Paper #09-004.

Schweik, C.M. 2009. The Dependent Variable: Defining Open Source "Success" and "Abandonment" Using Sourceforge.Net Data. NCDG Working Paper #09-003.

Schweik, C. M. 2009. The Open Source Software Ecosystem. NCDG Working Paper #09-002.

Kes-Erkul, A. and Erkul, R. E. 2009. Web 2.0 in the Process of e-participation: the Case of Organizing for America and the Obama Administration. NCDG Working paper #09-001.



Luna Reyes, L. and Gil-Garcia, J. R. 2008. E-Government and Inter-Organizational Collaboration in Mexico: Survey Results. NCDG Working Paper #08-003.

Sarkar, S. 2008. The New Middle-Class, Technology and Modernity in Seelampur. NCDG Working Paper #08-001.

Schweik, C.M., English, R., and Haire, S. 2008. Open Source Software Collaboration: Foundational Concepts and an Empirical Analysis. NCDG Working Paper #08-002.



English, R. & Schweik, C. 2007. Identifying Success and Tragedy of FLOSS Commons: A Preliminary Classification of Projects, NCDG Working Paper # 07-002.

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Fountain, J. 2007. Better public services for growth and jobs, NCDG Occasional Paper #07-007.

Fountain, J. 2007. Bureaucratic Reform and E-Government in the United States: An Institutional Perspective, NCDG Working Paper #07-006.

Hamel, M. 2007. Open-Source Collaboration in the Public Sector: The Need for Leadership and Value. NCDG Working Paper # 07-004.

Schellong, A. 2007. Increasing Social Capital for Disaster Response through Social Networking Services (SNS) in Japanese Local Governments. NCDG Working Paper #07-005.

Schweik, C. & English, R. 2007. Brooks' Versus Linus' Law: An Empirical Test of Open Source Projects. NCDG Working Paper #07-009.

Schweik, C., Fernandez, M., Hamel, M., Kashwan, P., Lewis, Q., and Stepanov, A. 2007. Reflections of an Online Geographic Information Systems Course Based on Open Source Software. NCDG Working Paper #07-008.

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Fountain, J.E. 2006. Enacting Technology in Networked Governance: Developmental Processes of Cross-Agency Arrangements, NCDG Working Paper # 06-003.

Meijer, A.J. 2006. ICTs and Political Accountability: An Assessment of the Impact of Digitization in Government on Political Accountability in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York State, NCDG Working Paper # 06-002.



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