Rahul K. Dhanda

Rahul K. Dhanda was a Research Fellow at the NCDG and is currently the Director of the Bioethics Program at Interleukin Genetics and a member of the company's Business Development Division. He is also working as an independent consultant to biotechnology firms.   Dhanda is the founding Chair of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council's Bioethics Advisory Group, as well as an affiliate of the Keck Graduate Institute. He began his biotech career at Harvard Medical School, developing technologies for rapid, DNA-based cancer screening. After serving in an academic laboratory, he moved to private industry, where he has worked for numerous biotechnology companies, focusing primarily on microarray development, the physical chemistry of DNA, molecular haplotyping and various other molecular biology projects.

Dhanda has several publications, holds three patents, and has authored the first book to address the crossroads between industry and bioethics, titled Guiding Icarus: Merging Bioethics with Corporate Interests (Wiley & Sons, 2002).