Jeffrey Boase

Jeffrey Boase was a Doctoral Fellow at the NCDG while pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Toronto, Canada. Boase received his M.A. in Sociology at the University of Toronto in 2001, and his B.A. as a joint Sociology and Philosophy Specialist at the University of Toronto in May 2000.

Boase's research interests include the social aspects of technology, specifically the Internet’s effect on community.  His dissertation examined how the Internet was used by most Americans to maintain strong and weak social ties. To examine this topic, Boase designed a telephone questionnaire in collaboration with Barry Wellman and the Pew Internet & American Life Project. This questionnaire was given to 2200 randomly selected respondents throughout the continental United States, during the spring of 2004.

Boase is heavily involved in the design of the Connected Lives study in collaboration with Barry Wellman and other members of the University of Tornoto's NetLab and Knowledge Media Design Institute.