Albert Meijer

Albert (A.J.) Meijer was a 2006 Visiting Faculty Fellow in residence at the NCDG at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands. Meijer holds a PhD in Public Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a MSc in Chemistry and Communication Science from the University of Nijmegen.

Prior to coming to NCDG, Meijer taught public administration and policy sciences at the bachelor and master level at the Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands. He conducted research for the parliamentary enquiry committee on construction work, carried out various research project for the department of internal affairs and evaluated Dutch policies for biotechnology application in animals. Meijer currently does research on public accountability, on informatization in public administration and on the use e-mail by government organizations.

Meijer is a member of the permanent study group on informatization of the European Group for Public Administration.

While at NCDG, Meijer conducted a comparative analysis on the effects of posting performance indicators for education and healthcare on the Internet in the Netherlands, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut.