Miree Byun

Miree Byun is a Visiting Faculty Fellow in residence at the NCDG at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from the Center for Urban Information System at the Seoul Development Institute in Korea. Byun holds a PhD in Sociology from Seoul National University in Korea and has taught at Seoul National University, Korea Foreign language University, Dongguk University, Keongwon University, and, most recently, Joongang University in Korea.

Prior to coming to NCDG, Byun worked with the Electronic Governance Institute at Rutgers University-Newark on a project investigating citizen participation in municipal governments and led the Seoul Survey 2005: Seoul Urban and Social Indicator Project, a study of large municipal governments and their IT services to citizens.

Byun is the author of Market Structure and Network of Digital Contents Industry in Korea (Korea Study Press, 2005) and co-author of Strategy for the Conflict Management (Nanam Press, 2005). Byun is currently conducting research on civic engagement, e-government, and the Internet in Seoul, Korea.