Don't Cheat, Darling!

Original title: (Nicht schummeln, Liebling!)
GDR, 1972, 91 min, color
In German; English subtitles

The mayor of Sonnethal wants to gain attention for both himself and his small town by fostering a leading soccer team and a thriving sports culture. As he prepares plans for the youth club and the team, Barbara Schwalbe, the director of the agricultural school, counters his self-indulgent efforts by establishing a girls’ soccer team that will challenge the boys. 

Conflicts develop quickly, not only between the mayor and the school director, but also between team captains, Bernd and Brigitte. Then, as tensions ease, the two pairs start to warm up toward their respective rivals. An East German film musical featuring pop stars Chris Doerk and Frank Schöbel (Hot Summer, 1967).


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