Digital Site Licenses

Original title: (DSL for DVDs you already own)

Purchasing a DVD with Educational Rights means that the film(s) on the DVD may only be used for in person classroom screenings and viewings. Explicitly excluded is the right for a college or university to internally rip/digitize the film(s) on the DVD, in order to stream them locally for classes and students within the institution.


The right to do this may be obtained by purchasing a Digital Site License (DSL) for the lifetime of the DVD (i.e., in perpetuity). DSL rights allow colleges and universities to locally host and stream the film(s) on the DVD within a closed, password-protected system that is restricted to use by those enrolled in classes on a single campus.


All customers who now purchase our DVDs with Educational Rights are offered the opportunity to concurrently purchase a Digital Site License for the DVD. But DSL rights may also be purchased retroactively for DVDs an institution has purchased in the past. To do so, go to our online store.

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