It'll Be OK

Original title: (Alles wird gut)
GDR/Germany, 1987/1990, 78 min, color/b&w
In German; English subtitles

Director Bernd Sahling documents almost four years in the life of a young man who experienced two political systems, East and West Germany, and cannot fulfill his dreams in either of them.


Michael has had a difficult childhood and decides to become a punk at the age of 13. He wants to be independent of his mother and find his own way in life. But he feels that he is good for nothing and has no place in East German society. Being aggressive and provocative and playing punk music is his only way of coping with his situation. He refuses all norms and breaks the law, ending up in detention centers and even prison.


He has his own child as a teenager. But will he be any different from his own father? Although his girlfriend decides to stay in East Germany, Michael files an application to leave for West Berlin. His mother, with whom he continues to argue a lot, moves to Munich in West Germany. Less than a year after Michael and his mother move, though, the Berlin Wall comes down. The film crew meets with Michael and his mother again, and they discuss their experiences in West Germany. 


The HD version of this film was made possible by SCHWANDER-SOUNDDESIGN, FXtogo, STUDIO MITTE and Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.


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