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The Free Orchestra

Taken for a Ride

Our Children

Day in, day out, Barbara sells screws at a store in the East Berlin Market Hall. She is frustrated about having to tell her customers most of the time: “Ham wa nich!” (We don’t have that!) In the evening, she is the loud and wild singer of the legendary East Berlin avantgarde and punk band Das... Two homeless boys, Mick and Sauly, live in a fictional big city that looks much like New York. They want to fulfill their dream of escaping to the ocean. Through their travels, they visit strange places, where they encounter fantastical situations and dubious characters, including: a villain who... From an official perspective, marginal youth culture did not exist in East Germany. The topic of subcultures was taboo in the GDR, and groups such as goths, skinheads, anti-skins, punks and neo-Nazis were dismissed as social deviations promoted by western countries.    Director...

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Drawing a Line

The Break-In

The Border Crossing

1986, West Berlin. Five resettled members of the Weimar underground punk scene in East Germany plan an exceptional art project that they call White Line. They will paint a white line that encircles the west side of the Berlin Wall as a political statement to the normalization of the existence of... Post-war Berlin, 1946: Three small-time, oddball crooks plan the heist of their lives. They want to break into the vault of the German Traffic Credit Union to steal the weekly Reichsbahn payroll. In preparation, they rent the top floor of the building and use it to spy on the bank. Despite several... In 1973, shortly after the military Junta coup in Chile, three men—the worker Carlos, the student Juan and the government official Lorenzo—tried to escape to Argentina over the Andes. Along the way, they witness the murder of a farmer by Chilean policemen. Juan urgently needs medical attention...

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