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Fallada – The Last Chapter

Miss Butterfly

Reports from a Peaceful Revolution

German novelist Hans Fallada lives with his family in a small, remote town. His craving for peace and harmony collides with his own inner turmoil and the growing power of the Nazis. Believing that he can stay out of politics, Fallada is conflicted when the Propaganda Ministry wants him to write an... When their father dies, 17-year-old Helene Raupe and her little sister become orphans. Abandoned by their aunt, they must face the challenges of daily life in East Berlin. Helene is only happy in her dreams, where she can fly or be a stewardess or model. In real life, in contrast, she fails to meet... Director Kurt Tetzlaff initially intended to create a portrait of young people in East Germany; but political changes soon overtook his concept. In response, he focused on the story of one young man and his friends, from March 1989, when the citizens’ movement that brought down the Wall started, to...

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Mother Courage and Her Children

The Break-In

Sheriff Teddy

Set during the Thirty Years’ War, in the first half of the 17th century: Anna Fierling, also called Mother Courage, is a merchant with a wagonload of food and goods. She stays out of politics, following the armies as they move back and forth across Central Europe, and does not bemoan war’s... Post-war Berlin, 1946: Three small-time, oddball crooks plan the heist of their lives. They want to break into the vault of the German Traffic Credit Union to steal the weekly Reichsbahn payroll. In preparation, they rent the top floor of the building and use it to spy on the bank. Despite several... Divided Berlin, 1950s: 13-year-old Kalle lives with his family in Wedding in the Western Sector of the city. He devours stories of the Wild West, even sporting a sheriff’s star on his jacket and declaring himself the leader of a local clique of boys who call themselves the “Teddy Gang.” But when...

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