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Bulky Trash

Wedding Night in the Rain

Stielke, Heinz, Fifteen

East Berlin, summer 1989: A young East Berliner navigates the final months of the GDR. Enrico has quit his apprenticeship to focus on the punk band Sperrmüll (Bulky Trash), which he founded with three friends from their high-rise housing development. Making music with what other people discard... In this first musical from the DEFA Studios, Gabi, a young hairdresser from the Baltic coast, desperately wants to be East Germany’s first female jockey.    One day, she packs her bags and drives to Berlin-Hoppegarten, known for its horse racecourse, where she is roundly rejected by... Young Berliner Heinz Stielke is a fanatic member of the Hitler Youth. He has only just achieved the rank of Rottenführer when he finds out that his father, who died as a hero for his fatherland, was Jewish. From one day to the next, Heinz is expelled from high school, and his classmates approach...

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Star-Crossed Lovers

The Break-In

Miss Butterfly

In the final days of WWII the German soldiers Michael and Jürgen are on a Russian military plane to Moscow. In flashbacks, they remember…    Michael, Magdalena and Jürgen were children together in 1930s Berlin, and Michael and Magdalena became lovers. When the Nazis came to power,... Post-war Berlin, 1946: Three small-time, oddball crooks plan the heist of their lives. They want to break into the vault of the German Traffic Credit Union to steal the weekly Reichsbahn payroll. In preparation, they rent the top floor of the building and use it to spy on the bank. Despite several... When their father dies, 17-year-old Helene Raupe and her little sister become orphans. Abandoned by their aunt, they must face the challenges of daily life in East Berlin. Helene is only happy in her dreams, where she can fly or be a stewardess or model. In real life, in contrast, she fails to meet...

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