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The Free Orchestra

Beauty & Decay

Angel Wagenstein: Art Is a Weapon

Day in, day out, Barbara sells screws at a store in the East Berlin Market Hall. She is frustrated about having to tell her customers most of the time: “Ham wa nich!” (We don’t have that!) In the evening, she is the loud and wild singer of the legendary East Berlin avantgarde and punk band Das... The story of three artists with a shared history in the rebellious and creative East German youth scene of the 1980s. Their careers have been marked by their radicalism and openness, as well as their unorthodox and multifaceted view of the world.   Before the fall of the Berlin Wall,... This provocative portrait of the Bulgarian-Jewish scriptwriter and novelist, Angel Wagenstein (1922-2023), offers a fresh perspective on the past century. It takes viewers down unfamiliar historical and ideological paths and revisits the revolutions of 1989 and after with a critical eye. The...

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The Border Crossing

Namibia – Return to a New Country

Chilean Experiences in East German Cinema

In 1973, shortly after the military Junta coup in Chile, three men—the worker Carlos, the student Juan and the government official Lorenzo—tried to escape to Argentina over the Andes. Along the way, they witness the murder of a farmer by Chilean policemen. Juan urgently needs medical attention... Nangula Gideon and Nangula Cornelius, two Namibian women in their early twenties, spent their childhood together in exile in East Germany. They were part of nearly 500 children who were evacuated to East Germany in 1979 to protect them from the violence of civil war between South Africa and the... In the 1970s, the East German DEFA Studios responded to the military coup in Chile in 1973. They produced films about Chile and Chilean exiles that were not simply reactions to the political upheavals or demonstrations of solidarity with the Chilean people. In many cases, Chilean artists were...

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