Purchasing a DVD with Educational Rights means that the film(s) on the DVD may only be used for in-person classroom screenings and viewings.

Explicitly excluded is the right for a college or university to internally rip/digitize the film(s) on the DVD, in order to stream them locally for classes and students within the institution.

The right to do this may be obtained by purchasing a Digital Site License (DSL) for the lifetime of the DVD (i.e., in perpetuity). 

DSL rights allow colleges and universities to locally host and stream the film(s) on the DVD within a closed, password-protected system that is restricted to use by those enrolled in classes on a single campus.



The cost of DSL rights depends on the length of the film(s):

  • 60 minutes or more                $495
  • 31 to 59 minutes long             $395
  • 30 minutes or less                  $225

NB: Should your institution wish to purchase DSL rights for multiple DVDs at once, please contact us for bulk pricing: defaorder@german.umass.edu.  


Retroactive Purchase

DSL rights may also be purchased retroactively for DVDs an institution purchased in the past. To do so, go to our online store.


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