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We are very excited to add to our program 18 films that bring into focus the Chilean experience in East German cinema. These titles were newly digitized and subtitled by the DEFA-Stiftung in Germany. These films were made by Chilean exiles (e.g., by the Chilean directors Juan Forch and Orlando Lübbert), or thematize Chile, including the productions by the H&S Studio that we release in their original English versions.


Additionally, we are adding films that we screened during the 2023 Summer Film Institute, HIDDEN FIGURES: Blackness and Black Experience in East German Cinema (The Homes We Carry, dir. by Brenda Akele Jorde; Namibia – Return to a New Country, dir. Christoph Schuch). We will also extend our series Reel Women (The Free Orchestra, dir. Petra Tschörtner; The Seventh Year, dir. Frank Vogel) and add another title about environmental issues in East Germany (Farewell Disco, dir. Rolf Losansky). Also Gerd Kroske's long observation project, known as the Sweep It Up trilogy, and Andrea Simon's provocative portrait of the Bulgarian-Jewish scriptwriter and novelist, Angel Wagenstein (Angel Wagenstein: Art Is a Weapon), will be part of our new releases.


A highlight of our 2023-24 releases will be the 4K restoration of Paul Robeson: “I’m a Negro. I’m an American.” (dir. Kurt Tetzlaff) with new English subtitles. The film was recently screened for a whole week at Anthology Film Archives, New York.


We know there will be films of interest for you among our new 2023-24 streaming and rental releases.





A Snowman for Africa (East Germany, 1977, dir. Rolf Losansky)

Blond Tango (East Germany, 1985, dir. Lothar Warneke)

Farewell Disco (East Germany, 1989, dir. Rolf Losansky)

Osceola (East Germany, 1971, dir. Konrad Petzold)

Sheriff Teddy (East Germany, 1957, dir. Heiner Carow)

Taken for a Ride (East Germany, 1983, dir. Frank Beyer)

The Border Crossing (East Germany, 1978, dir. Orlando Lübbert)

The Seventh Year (East Germany, 1968, dir. Frank Vogel)




A Chilean Wedding (East Germany, 1977, dirs. Valentin Milanov, Rainer Ackermann)

Aparcoa (East Germany, 1977, dir. Jürgen Steinheisser)

Art Is a Weapon: Angel Wagenstein (USA, 2017, dir. Andrea Simon)

Copihuito (East Germany 1977, dir. Günter Jordan)

Drawing a Line (Germany, 2014, dir. Gerd Kroske)

El Golpe Blanco - The White Coup (East Germany, 1975, dirs. Walter Heynowski, Gerhard Scheumann)

Fellow Citizens (East Germany 1974, dirs. Walter Heynowski, Gerhard Scheumann)

La Brigada – A Mural for the Unidad Popular in Dresden (East Germany, 1976-77, dirs. Juan Forch, Rolf Hofmann

Money Troubles (East Germany, 1975, dirs. Walter Heynowski, Gerhard Scheumann)

Namibia – Return to a New Country (Germany, 1997, dir. Christoph Schuch)

Paul Robeson: “I’m a Negro. I’m an American.” (East Germany/West Germany, 1989, dir. Kurt Tetzlaff)

Psalm 18 (East Germany, 1974, 5 min., dirs. Walter Heynowski, Gerhard Scheumann) 

Sweep It Up (East Germany, 1990, dir. Gerd Kroske)

Sweep It Up, Again (Germany, 2006, dir. Gerd Kroske)

Sweep It Up, Swig It Down (Germany, 1996, dir. Gerd Kroske)

The Free Orchestra (East Germany, 1988, dir. Petra Tschörtner)

The Homes We Carry (Germany, 2022, dir. Brenda Akele Jorde)




Chile (East Germany, 1975, dirs. Juan Forch, Jörg Herrmann)

Chile Lives (East Germany, 1976, dirs. Michael Börner, Juan Forch)

Hitlerpinochet (East Germany, 1975, dirs. Juan Forch, Jörg Herrmann)

Lautaro (East Germany, 1977, dir. Juan Forch)

Neutron Peace? (East Germany, 1977, dir. Juan Forch)

Nobody Can Stop the Revolution (East Germany, 1976, dir. Juan Forch)

Rosaura (East Germany, 1978, dir. Lothar Barke)

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