for selected DEFA films

With the help of outside scholars and educators, the DEFA Film Library provides teaching guides for selected DEFA films. The goal is to help teachers in a variety of classroom settings use films that speak directly to issues that concern students and other young people today. For the selected films, teaching guides are available on our website.


Our Teaching Guides are meant to give teachers information and ideas for how they can use a given film in an English-language classroom. The full-color PDF documents include:

  • Recommendations for teachers and others;
  • plot summary;
  • the historical context of the production;
  • a film's commentary;
  • short biographies of the director / cast;
  • several pages of teaching activities and resources;
  • and a selected bibliography.


Available teaching guides:

  • Coming Out (#1), by Kyle Frackman (UBC) and Sky Arndt-Briggs (UMass Amherst)
  • Our Children (#2), by Katrin Bahr (Centre College) and Mariana Ivanova (UMass Amherst)
  • Biology! (#3), by Victoria Rizo Lenshyn (Arizona State Univ.)
  • The Architects (#4), by Carol Anne Costabile-Heming (Univ. of North Texas) and Juliane Schicker (Carleton College)
  • Traces of Stones (#5), by Juliane Wuensch, Skidmore College) 




PDF icon Teaching Guide #1 -Coming Out.pdf, PDF icon Teaching Guide # 2 - Our Children.pdf, PDF icon Teaching Guide #3 - Biology!.pdf, PDF icon Teaching Guide #4 - The Architects.pdf, PDF icon Teaching Guide #5 - Trace of Stones.pdf

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