Richter, Sebastian


Sebastian Richter was born in Berlin in 1963. From 1983 to 1984, he worked as an assistant cameraman at the DEFA Studio for Documentary Films. Richter then studied at the Academy for Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg until 1989. During these years, he worked as a cameraman on student films by Andreas Voigt and Andreas Kleinert, including Kleinert’s diploma film Leb’wohl Joseph (1989), which was nominated for a Student Academy Award. In 1989, Richter joined the DEFA studio as a cameraman. While at the studio and, as of 1991, as a freelancer, he continued to collaborate with Kleinert and Voigt.


Richter’s filmography includes a long list of both feature films and documentaries, for cinema and television, by internationally-known directors such as Eduard Schreiber, Thomas Heise, and Eric Till. Sebastian Richter lives in Berlin.


Festivals & Awards:

2000 Golden Nymph, Euroopean TV Film Festival Monte Carlo for Bonhoeffer—Die letzte Stufe
1997 Greek Competition Award, Thessaloniki Film Festival for Verspielte Nächte
1991 German Short Film Award for Östliche Landschaft



2011 Linda geht tanzen (Linda goes Dancing, TV)
2010 Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse (The Princess and the Pea, TV)
2009 Rapunzel (TV)
2008 Mamas Flitterwochen (Mom’s Honeymoon, TV)
2008 Das Morphus-Geheimnis (The Mystery of Morphus)
2006 Das Wunder der Liebe (The Wonder of Love, TV)
2002 Der Fluch des schwarzen Schwans (The Curse of the Black Swans, TV)
1999 Bonhoeffer – Die letzte Stufe (Bonhoeffer – Agent of Grace)
1997 Im Namen der Unschuld (In the Name of Innocence, TV)
1997 Große weite Welt (Big Wide World, doc.)
1994 Neben der Zeit (Outside Time)
1993 Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung (Belief, Love, Hope, doc.)
1993 Kurzschluß (Short-Circuit, doc.)
1992 Verlorene Landschaft (Lost Landscape)
1992 Grenzland (Borderland, doc.)
1991 Stau – jetzt gehts los (Jammed—Let's Get Moving, doc.)
1991 Eisenzeit (Iron Age, doc.)
1991 Letztes Jahr Titanic (Last Year Titanic, doc.)
1991 Östliche Landschaft (Eastern Landscape, doc.)
1990-95  Lange nach der Schlacht (Long after the Battle, doc.)

Imbiß-Spezial (Snack Bar Special, doc.)

1990 Ich war ein glücklicher Mensch  (I Was a Happy Person, doc.)
1990 Kehraus (Sweep It Up, doc.)
1989 Leipzig im Herbst (Leipzig in the Fall, doc.)


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