Kotte, Gabriele


Gabriele Kotte joined the DEFA Studio for Feature Films as a scriptwriter and dramaturg in 1976. She made her debut as the co-author of Iris Gusner’s hit movie, Alle meine Mädchen (1979, All My Girls), and then worked on the important films Bürgschaft für ein Jahr (1981, On Probation) and Dein unbekannter Bruder (1981, Your Unknown Brother). After unification, she continued working as a scriptwriter and with film funding associations, for which she received the 2002 Cultural Award for the German state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. For more, see Kotte’s page on the DEFA Film Library website.

Festivals & Awards:

1982 Best Scenario, GDR National Feature Film Festival, Karl-Marx-Stadt, for Bürgschaft für ein Jahr
1980 Art Prize of the Free German Trade Union Federation for Alle meine Mädchen


(S = Scriptwriter | D = Dramaturg)


1999 Timpe TE (animation, S)
1998 Polizeiruf 110: Warum immer ich (Police Call 110: Why Always Me, TV series, S)
1995 Unter einem Dach (Under One Roof, doc., S, co-director)
1990 Biologie! (Biology!, S)
1990 Der Hut (The Hat, D)
1982 Schwierig sich zu verloben (Hard to Get Engaged, D)
1981 Dein unbekannter Bruder (Your Unknown Brother, D)
1981 Der Dicke und ich (Fatty and Me, D)
1981 Bürgschaft für ein Jahr (On Probation, S)
1979 Alle meine Mädchen (All My Girls, S)
1974 Greta Heckenrose (TV, S)

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