Georgi, Klaus


Klaus Georgi was born in Halle on the Saale in 1925. From 1946 to 1952, he studied at the Institute for Artistic Design at Burg Giebichenstein and became a freelance graphic designer. He belongs to the founding generation of the DEFA Studio for Animation Films in Dresden and was one of their major animators from 1954 until 1989. Georgi has primarily directed animated cartoons, except for an occasional foray into puppet animation. His oeuvre includes almost 70 titles.




1989 Das Monument (The Monument)
1989 Sonntag (Sunday)
1989 Der Kreis (The Full Circle)
1988 Bauch und Seele (Belly and Soul)
1988 Die Panne (The Breakdown)
1986 Konsequenz (Consequence)
1981 Herr Daff zieht um (Mr. Daff is Moving)
1980 Herr Daff geht ins Museum (Mr. Daff is Visiting a Museum)
1980  Herr Daff macht eine Filmaufnahme (Mr. Daff is Shooting a Film)
1979 Varianten (Variants)
1968 Der Roboter (The Robots)
1963 Heiner und seine Hähnchen (Heiner and His Little Roosters)
1961 Karli Kippe
1957 Blaue Mäuse gibt es nicht (Blue Mice Don’t Exist)
1956 Die Geschichte von den Windgeistern (The Story of the Wind Spirits)

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