Hasler, Joachim


Joachim Hasler was born in Berlin in 1929. He started his working carrier with an apprenticeship as a photographer at a film duplication facility and at the Agfa film laboratories in Wolfen.


He went on to work as an assistant director of photography at the Defa studio for Feature Films, where he met Reimar Kuntze and Bruno Mondi. Hasler’s first major projects as a director of photography include the visually interesting films Die Unbesiegbaren, Kein Hüsung, and Der schweigende Stern.


When director Artur Pohl was severely injured in an accident and could not continue the production of the feature film Spielbank Affäre (1957), Hasler took over his duties as (uncredited) director. This marked the beginning of his second career as a director.


From the mid-1960s on, Hasler directed successful musical comedies, including Heißer Sommer, which starred the East german pop artists Frank Schöbel and Chris Doerk and became a cult classic. Hasler retired from filmmaking in 1984. In 1995, he passed away in Berlin.




(C = Cinematographer | D=Director)


1983 Der Mann mit dem Ring im Ohr (The Man With the Ring in His Ear, D)
1979 Komödianten-Emil (Emil the Comedian, D)
1973 Nicht schummeln, Liebling! (Don't Cheat, Darling! D, C)
1970 Meine Stunde Null (My Zero Hour, D)
1968 Heißer Sommer (Hot Summer, D)
1966 Reise ins Ehebett (Journey Into the Nuptial Bed, D, C)
1964 Chronik eines Mordes (Story of a Murder, D)
1962 Nebel (Fog, D)
1960 Wo der Zug nicht lange hält (Where the Train Does Not Stop Long, D)
1960 Der schweigende Stern (The Silent Star, C)
1958 Das Lied der Matrosen (The Sailors' Song, C)
1957 Gejagt bis zum Morgen (Hunted Until Dawn, D)
1956 Zar und Zimmermann (Tzar and Carpenter, C)
1954 Kein Hüsung (Without a Roof, C)
1954 Pole Poppenspäler (Pole Poppenspaeler,C)
1953 Die Unbesiegbaren (The Invincibles, C)

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