Groschopp, Richard


Richard Groschopp was born in Kölleda, Germany on February 19, 1906 and died in Kleinmachnow, outside of Berlin on July 8, 1996. He began to direct short films at the age of 25, joined the Amateur Filmmaker Association, and received many awards for his films. Groschopp directed short documentaries and films for the industry and his main employer was an advertising studio in Dresden. During the war he worked on educational films for the German navy and was a member of Leni Riefenstahl’s Olympia camera team.


Groschopp joined the DEFA Documentary Film Studios in 1946, where he worked as a cameraman and editor, as well as the director of more than 100 documentaries, mainly newsreels. He started his career at the East German Feature Film Studios at the beginning of the 1950s. Groschopp was a member of the “Stacheltiere” team, directing the short satirical film series about daily life in East Germany. From 1953-1958 he directed over 50 of these short films. He later became best known for his crime stories, spy films, and Westerns.


1967 Chingachgook, die große Schlange (Chingachgook, the Great Snake)
1965 Entlassen auf Bewährung (Let Off With Probation)
1963 Die Glatzkopfbande (The Baldheaded Gang)
1962 Freispruch mangels Beweisen (Acquittal Owing to Lack of Evidence)
1960 Die Liebe und der Co-Pilot (Love and the Co-Pilot)
1959 Ware für Katalonien (Goods for Catalonia)
1958 Sie kannten sich alle (They All Knew One Another)
1955 52 Wochen sind ein Jahr (52 Weeks Are a Year)
1955 Das Stacheltier – Der Untermieter (The Porcupine: The Lodger)
1954 Das Stacheltier – Die Nacht des Grauens (​The Porcupine: The Night of Horror)
1954 Das Stacheltier – DER vorbildliche KUNDE (​The Porcupine: The Ideal Customer)
1954 Das Stacheltier – Ein freier Mensch (​The Porcupine: A Free Man)
1954 Das Stacheltier – Stiesels Institut für gute Sitten (​The Porcupine: Stiesel's Institute of Good Manners)
1954 Das Stacheltier – Der Wintermantel (​The Porcupine: The Winter Coat)
1954 Das Stacheltier – Der Bart ist ab (​The Porcupine: The Beard is Off)
1953 Das Stacheltier – Schule der Höflichkeit (​The Porcupine: School of Courtesy)

Das Stacheltier  Das GROSSE Abenteuer (​The Porcupine: The BIG Adventure)

1953 Das Stacheltier  Der König in Thule (​The Porcupine: The King in Thule)
1953 Das Stacheltier  WACHSAMKEIT laut VORSCHRIFT (​The Porcupine: Vigilance According to the Rules)

Das Stacheltier – Eine Liebesgeschichte (​The Porcupine: A Love Story)

1953 Das Stacheltier – Bitte nicht stören (​The Porcupine: Do Not Disturb)
1951 Modell Bianka (Model Bianca)
1946 Dresden (doc.)
1946 Leipziger Messe 1946 (The 1946 Leipzig Fair)

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