Dresen, Andreas


Andreas Dresen was born in Gera, East Germany, in 1963. He initially worked as a sound engineer for the Schwerin Theater, before he studied directing at the Konrad Wolf Academy for Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg. He began working as a screenwriter and director in 1992. His debut film, Stilles Land, took the 1993 Berlin Film Festival by storm.


Dresen is known for his work using cast improvisation instead of a script. His breakthrough in this respect was his film Halbe Treppe.


All his films have received prestigious international prizes. His tragicomic movie Sommer vorm Balkon captures the story of two single girlfriends who are seeking love. It won major awards, such as Best Script for Wolfgang Kohlhaase (53rd San Sebastian International Film Festival, 2005) and the Silver Hugo Award for leading actresses Nadja Uhl and Inka Friedrich (41st Chicago International Film Festival, 2005).


His film, Wolke 9, about a love triangle among elderly people, was an international sensation and was nominated for the 2008 European Film Academy Award.


Andreas Dresen is also known as a theater director and has worked at the Cottbus Theater and Deutsches Theater in Berlin. His production of Kasimir and Karoline, for example, premiered in May 2006. In February 2006 he also made his debut as an opera director at the Theater Basel in Switzerland with Mozart’s Don Giovanni.


Dresen is one of Germany's most successful filmmakers. In 2013, he was a member of the jury at the Berllin International Film Festival. He lives in Potsdam.

Festivals & Awards:

2012 Best Director, German Film Award for Halt auf freier Strecke
2012 German Film Critics Association Award for Halt auf freier Strecke
2011 Prize Un Certain Regard Ex-aequo, Cannes Film Festival for Halt auf freier Strecke
2011 Douglas Sirk Award, Filmfest Hamburg
2009 Best Director Prize, International Karlovy Vary Film Festival for Whisky mit Wodka
2009 German Film Award in Gold for Wolke 9
2008 Prize Un Certain Regard, Coup de Coeur Award, Cannes Film Festival for Wolke 9
2007 Oder of Merit of the FRG
2006 Ernst Lubitsch Award for Sommer vorm Balkon
2003 German Film Critics Association Award for Halbe Treppe
2002 Silver Hugo, Chicago International Film Festival for Halbe Treppe
2002 Silver Bear, Berlin International Film Festival for Halbe Treppe
2002 Philip Morris Freedom Prize of the American Cinema Foundation
2002 Best Director, Ghent International Film Festival for Halbe Strecke
2001 German Television Award for Die Polizistin
2000 German Film Critics Association Award for Nachtgestalten
1998 Lucas, International Festival of Films for Children and Young People for Raus aus der Haut
1994 Promotional Award, Max Ophüls Festival for Mein unbekannter Ehemann
1992 German Film Critics Association Award for Stilles Land


Bibliography & More:

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2006 Lode, David. Abenteuer Wirklichkeit – Die Filme von Andreas Dresen. Marburg: Schüren.



2024 In Liebe, Eure Hilde (From Hilde, With Love)
2022 Rabiye Kurnaz gegen George W. Bush (Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush)
2018 Gundermann
2016 Timm Thaler oder das verkaufte Lachen (The Legend of Timm Thaler or The Boy Who Sold His Laughter)
2014 Als wir träumten (As We Were Dreaming)
2012 Herr Wichmann aus der dritten Reihe (Hendryk from the Back Row, doc.)
2011 Halt auf freier Strecke (Stopped on Track)
2010 20 x Brandenburg (doc.)
2009 Whisky und Wodka (Whiskey with Vodka)
2008 Wolke 9 (Cloud 9)
2005 Sommer vorm Balkon (Summer in Berlin)
2005 Willenbrock
2003 Herr Wichmann von der CDU (Vote for Henryk! doc.)
2001 Halbe Treppe (Grill Point)
2000 Die Polizistin (The Policewoman, TV)
1998 Nachtgestalten (Night Shapes)
1997 Raus aus der Haut (Changing Skins, TV)
1996 Polizeiruf 110-Der Tausch (Police Call 110: The Exchange, TV)
1995 Heimatgeschichten: Sprung ins Glück (Hometown Stories: Jump Into Happiness, TV)
1995 Heimatgeschichten: Alte Freunde (Hometown Stories: Old Friends, TV)
1995 Das andere Leben des Herrn Kreins (The Other Life of Mr. Kreins, TV)
1995 Mein unbekannter Ehemann (My Unknown Husband, TV)
1994 Kuckuckskinder (Cuckoo's Children, doc., TV)
1993 Krauses Kneipe (Krauses' Pub)
1992 Die Brautwahl (Choosing a Bride, film for the Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin)
1992 Stilles Land (Silent Country)
1991 Lulu film (for the Paris Opera)
1991 Die Narren sterben nicht aus (Fools Won't Die Out, doc.)
1990 So schnell geht es nach Istanbul (Short Cut To Istanbul, short)
1990 Zug in die Ferne (Train In the Distance, short)
1989 Jenseits von Klein-Wanzleben (Far from Klein-Wanzleben, doc.)
1988 Was jeder muss (What Every Man Must Do, short)
1988 Nachts schlafen die Ratten (The Rats Sleep at Night, short)
1987 Konsequenzen - Peter, 25 (Consequences - Peter, 25 Years Old, short)
1986 Schritte des anderen (Another's Steps, short)
1986 Wie die Alten sungen (Like Father, Like Son, assistant director)
1985 Der kleine Clown (The Little Clown, short)

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