Brandt, Horst E.


Horst E. Brandt, the German television and movie director, was born in Berlin on January 17, 1923. He grew up in a working class family and apprenticed as a precision mechanic. Brandt began working as an assistant cinematographer at the East German film studios in 1947 at the same time he started an apprenticeship in the film laboratories.


At the beginning of the 1950s, he started working as a cinematographer. Two of the first films he shot were Slatan Dudow’s Stärker als die Nacht and the East German propaganda film about the life of German Communist leader Ernst Thälmann  – Führer seiner Klasse by Kurt Maetzig. His debut as a director was the two-part television crime story Irrlichter und Feuer in 1966. Brandt often wrote his own screenplays and directed them, among others for KLK an PTX – Die Rote Kapelle, the film about one of the most important German anti-Nazi resistance groups.


Horst E. Brandt died on August 22, 2009.



D = director  |  C = cinematographer


1988 Die Beteiligten (The Persons Involved, D)
1985 Der Hut des Briganders (The Brigade-Leader’s Hat, D)
1984 Der Lude (The Pimp, D)
1981 Die Kolonie (The Colony,D)
1975 Zwischen Tag und Nacht (Between Day and Night, D)
1973 Eva und Adam (Eva and Adam, TV series, D)


KLK an PTX: Die Rote Kapelle (KLK to PTX: The Red Orchestra, D)
1968 Krupp und Krause (Krupp and Krause, TV series, D/C)
1967 Heroin (D/C)
1967 Brot und Rosen (Bread and Roses, D/C)
1966 Irrlichter und Feuer (Fen-Fire and Fire, TV, D/C)
1965 Solange Leben in mir ist (As Long as There Is Life in Me, C)
1963 Schwarzer Samt (Black Velvet, C)
1963 Reserviert für den Tod (Reserved for Death, C)
1962 Ach, du fröhliche... (A Lively Christmas Eve, C)
1961 Tanz am Sonnabend  Mord? (Dance on Saturday – Murder?, C)
1957 Skimeister von morgen (Ski Champions of the Future, C)
1955 Ernst Thälmann – Führer seiner Klasse (Ernst Thälmann: Leader of the Working Class, C)
1954 Stärker als die Nacht (Stronger than the Night, C)

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