Warm, Hermann


Hermann Warm was born in Berlin on May 5, 1889. He graduated from the Kustgewerbeschule in Berlin. After working as a theatrical designer, he began working in film. He quickly established himself as an art and production director and became an important figure in the expressionist film movement of the 1920s. A highlight of Warm’s career was collaborating with set designers Walter Röhrig and Walter Reimann for Robert Wiene’s expressionist silent film, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. Warm designed the set for Fritz Lang’s film Der müde Tod and for two F.W. Murnau titles: the crime story Schloss Vogellöd and the literary adaptation Phantom. He also designed the sets for G.W. Pabst’s Gräfin Donelli and the silent movie Le train sans yeux, the debut film of Brazilian director Alberto Cavalcanti.


During the Nazi period, Warm continued working, including for Veit Harlan (Jugend, Krach im Hinterhaus), Hans Steinhoff (Ein Volksfeind) and Erich Engel (Die Nacht mit dem Kaiser, Gefährliches Spiel). In 1941, however, he left for Switzerland. After returning to Germany in 1947, he joined the production team for Wozzeck, his only DEFA film.


Until his retirement in 1960, Warm worked for internationally-known directors, including Helmut Käutner (Königskinder), Erich Engel (Land der Sehnsucht) and Paul Verhoeven (Vergiss die Liebe nicht). In the mid-1950s, he collaborated once more with Veit Harlan on Verrat an Deutschland-Der Fall Dr. Sorge, about a German communist spy working for the USSR during WWII.


In 1965, Hermann Warm was honored with the German Film Award in Gold for his work in German film. He died in West Berlin on May 17, 1976.  


Festivals & Awards:

1965 German Film Award in Gold



1960 Die Botschafterin (The Ambassadress)
1959 Die Wahrheit über Rosemarie (The Truth about Rosemarie)
1955 Verrat an Deutschland-Der Fall Dr. Sorge (The Betrayal of Germany: The Dr. Sorge Case)
1953 Vergiss die Liebe nicht (Don’t Forget about Love)
1950 Königskinder (Star-Crossed Lovers)
1947 Wozzeck
1938 Jugend (Youth)
1938 Verwehte Spuren (Covered Tracks)
1937 Gefährliches Spiel (Dangerous Game)
1937 Ein Volksfeind (An Enemy of the People)
1936 Die Nacht mit dem Kaiser (The Night with the Emperor)
1935 Krach im Hinterhaus (Trouble Backstairs)
1935 Der Student von Prag (The Student of Prague)
1932 Vampyr
1930 Dreyfus (The Dreyfus Case)
1928 La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc (The Passion of Joan of Arc)
1927 Le train sans yeux (Train without Eyes)
1924 Rosenmontag (Love’s Carnival)
1924 Gräfin Donelli (Countess Donelli)
1923 Ein Glas Wasser (One Glass of Water)
1921 Der müde Tod (Destiny)
1921 Schloss Vogellöd (The Haunted Castle)
1920 Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari (The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari)
1915 Der Tunnel (The Tunnel)
1913 Wo ist Coletti? (Where Is Coletti?)
1913 Der Spion (The Spy)


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