Hamacher, Sieglinde


Sieglinde Hamacher was born in Dresden on July 11, 1936. She wanted to become a stage designer and worked at theaters in Dresden 1954-56. She joined the DEFA Studio for Animation Films shortly it was founded in 1956. There she worked as a director, animator and illustrator, while studying drama in Leipzig. She became one of the studio’s most successful animation artists, known for her very distinctive graphic style (ballpoint pen drawings) and parable-like stories. From 1956 to1991, she helped make over fifty short cartoons for television and cinema, mainly for an adult audience. Her films were awarded many international prizes. In 2001, the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Films dedicated a filmic homage to her. Sieglinde Hamacher, who died on December 18, 2021, was a board member of several German media foundations and organizations.



1990 Okkupation (Occupation)
1989 Kafkas Traum (Kafka’s Dream)
1988 Lebensbedürnis oder Arbeit macht Spaß (Basic Need, or Work Is Fun)
1987 Sisyphos (Sisyphus)
1987 Die Lösung (The Solution)
1986 Bolero
1986 Die Reise (The Trip)
1984 Ein friedlicher Tag (A Peaceful Day)
1982 Kontraste (Contrasts)
1981 Die Tür (The Door)
1980 Die Rettung (The Rescue)
1978 Attentat (Assassination)

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