Fiegert, Elfriede (Elfie)


Elfriede (Elfie) Fiegert was born in 1946 to a white German mother and an African American father who had been in the US military. Her mother placed her in an orphanage. Fiegert later found out that her mother had been a doctor in Freising and had emigrated to the United States soon after her birth. After his tour of duty in Germany, her African-American father was transferred to Korea. 


In 1948, Fiegert was adopted by a white German couple living in Mark Schwaben, Bavaria. In 1951, she was cast in the leading child’s role in Robert A. Stemmle’s Toxi and became known throughout West Germany with the release of the film.


Fiegert continued getting small roles until 1964, when she married a Nigerian student in Munich who forbade her from acting in films. A few years later, she returned to film and television acting after getting divorced. She also appeared in documentaries on the US television networks CBS and NBC.


In 1986, a newspaper article reported that Elfriede Fiegert had remarried, had lived in Mallorca for nine years, and rarely visited Germany. Her current whereabouts are unknown.



1972 Halb und Halb: Mischlinge in Deutschland (Half and Half: Mischlinge in Germany, doc., TV)
1969 Unser Doktor ist der Beste (Our Doctor Is the Best)
1969 NBC Experiment in TelevisionColor Me German (doc. TV series)
1969 Salto mortale (TV series)
1963 Unsere tollen Tanten in der Südsee (Our Nifty Aunts in the South Pacific)
1963 Das Haus in Montevideo (The House in Montevideo)
1961 Unser tollen Tanten (Our Nifty Aunts
1957 Zwei Bayern im Harem (Two Bavarians in the Harem)
1955 Der dunkle Stern (The Dark Star)
1953 Sterne über Colombo (Stars Over Colombo)
1952 Toxi


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