Müller, Hans


Hans Müller was born in Lüdenscheid on April 19, 1909. He was already interested in film as a child and studied film technology and optics at the Lettehaus in Berlin. His first films were documentaries about his hometown.


From the 1920s until the 1940s, Müller worked as an assistant director to a range of directors, such as Curt Goetz. He directorial debut was the feature film Aufruhr im Herzen. In the 1950s, he worked for different German production companies, including the East German DEFA Studio for Feature Films. His debut there was the circus story 1-2-3 Corona, followed by Carola Lamberti, the comeback film of actor Henny Porten. His two opera films, Zar und Zimmerman and Mazurka der Liebe, were noteworthy productions. His last film was Drillinge an Bord, in which actor Heinz Erhardt played the role of all three triplets.


Starting in the 1960s, Hans Müller mainly worked for television. He died on February 17, 1977, in his hometown.


1974 DDR-Magazin 1974/12 (GDR Magazine 1974/12: XVIII Berlin Festival 1974)
1974 DDR Magazin 1974/08 (GDR Magazine 1974/08: Cultural Politics of the GDR)
1974 DDR Magazin 1974/04 (GDR Magazine 1974/04: Museums in Berlin)
1972 Butler Parker (TV series)
1969 Die Kramer (The Kramers, TV series)
1968 Ein Tag in Guinea (A Day in Guinea, doc.)
1968 Spedition Marcus (Transport Services, TV series)
1965 Mit Familienanschluss (With Family Connections, TV) 
1959 Drillinge an Bord (Triplets on Board)
1957 Mazurka der Liebe (Love's Mazurka)
1955 Zar und Zimmerman (Czar and Carpenter
1954 Carola Lamberti – Eine vom Zirkus (Carola Lamberti
1952 Lockende Sterne (Alluring Stars)
1950 Bürgermeister Anna (Mayor Anna)
1950 Das Mädchen aus der Südsee (The Girl from the South Pacific)
1949 Hafenmelodie (Harbor Melody)
1948 1-2-3 Corona (One, Two, Three Corona)
1947 Und finden dereinst wir uns wieder (And Someday We Shall Find Each Other Again)
1944 Aufruhr der Herzen (Revolt of the Hearts

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