Hosek, Jennifer


Jennifer Ruth Hosek has created several film interviews on the relationship between East German DEFA films and Cuban film culture. Her collaborative documentary Rolando en La Habana: Bicycle Stories (dir. Jaime Santos, 2016) has earned several awards and has been screened at international festivals and on Latin American television.


Hosek received her doctorate in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley and was then a Stanford Fellow in the Humanities. She began teaching at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 2007,  focusing on transnational German Studies, International Studies, Film and Media, Critical and Cultural Studies and Global Development Studies (Cuba).


Hosek has published on literature, film, urban mobility cultures, critical pedagogies, critical theory and neuroscience, digital technology and the women's movement. Her monograph Sun, Sex and Socialism: Cuba in the German Imaginary (Univ. of Toronto Press, 2012) analyzes the cultural influences of the global South on the North through the case studies of Cuba and Germany. An article stemming from her monograph research won the 2008 National Coalition of Women in German Best Article Prize and has been published in three languages. Hosek also co-edited Cultural Topographies of the New Berlin with Karin Bauer (Berghahn, 2017) and Christa Wolf: A Companion with Sonja Klocke (De Gruyter, 2018). 


Hosek is currently working on a monograph on urban mobility cultures and on the peer-to-peer language exchange e-tool LinguaeLive. Both projects have been supported by internal grants and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 

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