Torres, Daniel Diaz


Daniel Díaz Torres, Director and screenwriter, was born in Havana in 1948. Díaz Torres began working at the Cuban film institute ICAIC in 1968, first as a film critic and later as a director’s assistant and instructor. After focusing on documentaries, he made his feature film debut with Jíbaro in 1985. But it was Alicia en el Pueblo de las Maravillas - one of the most controversial films in Cuban film history - that brought him international recognition. Since the mid-1980s, Daniel Díaz Torres has been considered one of Cuba’s most important filmmakers.




2010 Lisanka
2007 Camino al Edén (The Way to Eden)
2000 Hacerse el Sueco (Playing the Swede)
1997 Tropicanita
1995 Quiereme y veráz (Quiereme and Truthful)
1991 Alicia en el Pueblo de las Maravillas (Alice in Wondertown)
1986 Otra Mujer (Another Woman)
1985 Jíbaro
1982 Vaqueros de Montaña (Mountain Jeans, doc.)
1980 Los Dueños del Río Madera (The River Madera Owners, doc.)
1978 La casa de Mario (The House of Mario, doc.)
1977 Encuentro en Texas (Meeting in Texas, doc.)
1975 Libertad para Luis Corvalán (Freedom for Luis Corvalan, doc.)


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