Köppel-Welsh, Ramona


Ramona Köppel-Welsh, born in East Berlin in 1964, studied philosophy and art history. She was part of the underground theater group Medea that performed plays and made music and films. Her first Super-8 film was Konrad! Sprach die Frau Mama. She moved to West Berlin one week before the wall came down.


In 1994, together with Pamela Homann and Dagie Brundert, Köppel-Welsh founded the women’s filmmakers’ collective FBI (Freie Berliner Ischen), which has put on Super-8 film shows in Berlin ever since. She has presented her films at international exhibits and film festivals, including Paris, London, New York, and Berlin. She works as a filmmaker, visual artist and DJ in Berlin. [See: www.monoram.de]




2008 Paradise
2005 Love
2003 Twin Towers
1998 Die kurze Geschichte einer Transformation (The Short Story of a Transformation)
1997 Kamasutra
1995 Statue of Liberty
1995 Empire State Building
1992 Change of Mind (video installation)
1990 Tristan
1990 Nein (No)
1989 Vergessener Sex (Forgotten Sex)
1989 Mittwoch (Wednesday)
1989 Konrad! Sprach die Frau Mama (Conrad! Mother Said)

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