Mißbach, Peter


Peter Mißbach was born in Niederau near Meissen in 1953. He trained as a bookbinder and studied graphic design in Berlin before joining the DEFA Studio for Animation Films. There he worked as a co-director and designer from 1980-1991, as well as an animator, especially for director Klaus Georgi. After the studio was closed, he found employment as a designer at the theater Junge Generation in Dresden. From 1994 to 1996 he studied art therapy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. Since 1996, Peter Mißbach has worked as an art therapist at a clinic for neurological rehabilitation in Pulsnitz and has worked at the Institute and Studio for Art Therapy in Dresden. 



1986 Konsequenz (Consequence)
1980 Sieben Rechte des Zuschauers (Seven Rights of a Viewer)
1978 Viel ist zu wenig (Much Too Little)



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