Paulsen, Arno


Arno Paulsen was born in Stettin (now Szczecin, Poland) on January 3, 1900. After graduating from school, he took voice lessons with opera singer Wilhelm Bültermann. Starting in 1917, he sung as a choir singer and later as a tenor at the Stadttheater Stettin. He also played in theaters in Hanover and Hamburg. From 1941 to 1943, he performed in theater companies which entertained German troops.


After the war, in 1945, Paulsen joined the Metropol Theater in Berlin and performed mainly in operettas. Film director Wolfgang Staudte first saw him in 1946 at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm in Berlin, where he played a guest role as a local Nazi group leader in the satirical musical revue Höllenparade. Staudte cast him as Captain Brückner for the rubble film Die Mörder sind unter uns. As Captain Brückner, Paulsen plays a controversial character who is responsible for killing civilians during WWII, but quickly finds a new fortune as a company owner in postwar Berlin. This successful film debut was the beginning of Paulsen’s two-decade film career, during which he appeared in over 60 films. From 1946 to 1952, he played in movies produced by the East German DEFA Studio for Feature Films, including Georg C. Claren’s Wozzeck film adaptation and Wolfgang Staudte’s comedy, Die seltsamen Abenteuer des Herrn Fridolin B.


At the beginning of the 1950s, Paulsen settled in the West and continued working in film. He shared the screen with renowned West German actors of the 1950s-60s, including Mario Adorf, Gert Fröbe, Paul Hörbiger, Theo Lingen and Hans Moser. Paulsen was cast in Das Mädchen Rosemarie (dir. Rolf Thiele), which won the 1959 Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film and was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 1958 Venice Film Festival.


Parallel to his work in film, Paulsen frequently played at theaters and dubbed foreign films. For many years, he was the German voice for Oliver Hardy, as Ollie in the American television series Laurel & Hardy.


Arno Paulsen died in Baden-Baden on September 17, 1969.


1964 Der Fall Jakubowski (The Jakubowski Case, TV series)
1963 Jenny und der Herr im Frack (Jenny and the Man in a Tailcoat)
1961 Robert und Bertram (Robert and Bertram)
1958 Das Mädchen Rosemarie (Rosemary)
1958 Münchhausen in Afrika (Münchhausen in Africa)
1955 Hotel Adlon
1955 Der 20. Juli (The Plot to Assassinate Hitler)
1954 Roman eines Frauenarztes (The Story of a Gynecologist)
1953 Der Onkel aus Amerika (The Uncle from America)
1953 Die Unbesiegbaren (The Invincibles)
1952 Man lebt nur einmal (You Only Live Once)
1952 Anna Susanna
1951 Blaubart (Bluebeard
1950 Bürgermeister Anna (Mayor Anna)
1949 Die Brücke (The Bridge)
1949 Mädchen hinter Gittern (Girls behind Bars)
1949 Der Auftrag Höglers (Högler’s Mission)
1948 Chemie und Liebe (Chemistry and Love)
1948 Die seltsamen Abenteuer des Herrn Fridolin B. (The Strange Adventures of Fridolin B.)
1948 Strassenbekanntschaft (Street Acquaintances)
1948 Grube Morgenrot (The Morgenrot Mine)
1948 Affaire Blum (The Blum Affair)
1947 Razzia (Police Raid)
1947 Wozzeck
1946 Die Mörder sind unter uns (The Murderers Are Among Us)


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