Wolf, Dieter


Dieter Wolf studied German Literature at Jena University from 1952 to 1954 and Film Production at the Deutsche Filmakademie (now Film University Potsdam) from 1954 to 1958. In 1974, he was awarded a doctorate of philosophy from the Humboldt University in Berlin for his work on Language in Feature Films.


Wolf was the chief dramaturg of the artistic groups Solidarität from 1961 to 1963 and Babelsberg from 1964 to 1990 at the DEFA Studio for Feature Films. He has worked with many famous authors—including Wolfgang Held, Wolfgang Kohlhaase, Günther Rücker and Harry Thürk—and has been involved in the production of acclaimed films by important directors, including: Mama, ich lebe and Solo Sunny, by Konrad Wolf; Der Aufenthalt, Der Bruch and Bockshorn, by Frank Beyer; Bis dass der Tod euch scheidet, by Heiner Carow; and Einer trage des anderen Last, by Lothar Warneke.


Wolf is the author of important works on DEFA, including Sozialistische Filmkunst: Eine Dokumentation (2011); Gruppe Babelsberg – Unsere nicht gedrehten Filme (2000); Bevor der Film ins Kino kommt – Von der Idee zur Leinwand (1984/87). And he is the editor of the book Lebensläufe – Die Kinder von Golzow (2004 and 2015). 


1992 Deutschfieber (Germany’s Enthusiasm)
1988 Der Bruch (The Break-In)
1988 Pestalozzis Berg (Pestalozzi’s Mountain)
1987 Einer trage des anderen Last (Bear Ye One Another’s Burden)
1986 Käthe Kollwitz – Bilder eines Lebens (Käthe Kollwitz: Images of a Life)
1983 Kaskade rückwärts (Bailing Out)
1982 Der Aufenthalt (Held for Questioning)
1979 Solo Sunny
1978 Bis daß der Tod euch scheidet (Until Death Do As Part)
1976 Mama, ich lebe (Mama, I’m Alive)
1975 Eine Pyramide für mich (A Pyramid for Me)
1973/2010 Die Taube auf dem Dach (The Dove on the Roof)
1967 Die Gefrorenen Blitze (Frozen Lightning
1962 Minna von Barnhelm oder Das Soldatenglück (Minna von Barnhelm or The Soldiers Fortune)

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