Fisher, Holly


Holly Fisher was born in Boston in 1942. She received her BA in Asian Art History at Columbia University in 1964, and a MA in Cinema Studies at NYU in 1982.


Since the mid-1960s, Fisher has been active as an independent filmmaker, film editor, teacher, and printmaker. She was the editor of Christine Choy and Renee Tajima-Peña’s documentary Who Killed Vincent Chin? The story about the racially motivated murder case in 1982 was nominated for an Oscar in 1989. Fisher’s experimental short and long-form essay films, explorations in memory and perception, have been screened in prestigious museums and film festivals worldwide, including Whitney Museum Biennials, New York; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Film Forum, Japan; and two world premieres at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 1995, the New York Museum of Modern Art presented the solo retrospective The Films of Holly Fisher.


Holly Fisher was invited by Peter Lindbergh, one of the most influential contemporary photographers, to collaborate on the film Everywhere at Once (final cut 2010). The film incorporates Lindbergh's photographs with clips from Tony Richardson’s film Mademoiselle (1966), starring Jeanne Moreau. It premiered in the Avant-première program at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007.


Before turning to experimental video installations and digital print work, Fisher completed the long-form essay A Question of Sunlight (2014), which links 9/11 with the Holocaust. New York artist José Urbach remembers his early childhood in Polish concentration camps and his observations in New York in September 2001.


In fall 2014, Holly Fisher exhibited her first video installation together with two digital print series at The Augusta Savage Gallery in Amherst. Three current works were granted Remy Awards at the 2015 World/Fest in Houston. Her most recent film/video hybrid Ghostdance for a New Century premiered at Microscope Gallery Brooklyn in 2015 and was shortlisted for the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival. [See:]


Holly Fisher lives and works in Easthampton (MA) and New York.

Festivals & Awards:

  Selected Awards & Festivals
2015 Remy Award for A Question of Sunlight, t h i n k t a n k, Deafening Silence, World/Fest, Houston
2013 Deafening Silence, A Question of Sunlight, Athens International Film Festival
2010 Everywhere at Once, Festival of International Film Arts, Montreal, Canada
2008 Everywhere at Once, TriBeCa Film Festival, NYC
2007 Everywhere at Once, Avant-première, Cannes Film Festival
2001 Kalma Sutta: Seeing is Believing, Berlin International Film Festival
1995 The Films of Holly Fisher, Retrospective, The Museum of Modern Art, New York
1994 Bullets for Breakfast, The Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada; Film Forum at The Gene Autry Museum, Los Angeles
1993 Bullets for Breakfast, Haifa International Film Festival
1992 Bullets for Breakfast, Berlin International Film Festival
1992 Bullets for Breakfast, Stockholm International Film Festival
1992 Bullets for Breakfast, London International Film Festival
1992 Bullets for Breakfast, Best Experimental Film, Ann Arbor Film Festival
1989 Who Killed Vincent Chin?, nominated for the Academy Award
1985 s o f t s h o e, Oberhausen Short Film Festival
1985 Rushlight (aka Here Today Gone Tomorrow), Grand Prize, Black Maria Film Festival
1985 Rushlight (aka Here Today Gone Tomorrow), Whitney Biennial, New York
1980 Glass Shadows, Oberhausen Short Film Festival



2015 Käthe Kollwitz: A Conversation with Hildegard Bachert
2015 Ghostdance for a New Century
2015 A Question of Sunlight
2014 t h i n k t a n k
2014 Goldfish Variations
2012 trio en rose
2012 Deafening Silence
2010 Everywhere at Once
2009 Exil en Héritage (editor)
2008 Buffalo Diaries
2002 VV-51 (editor)
2001 Kalamasutta: Seeing is Believing
1996 Ain't Nothin' But a She-Thing (editor)
1995 A Litany For Survival: The Life and WOrk of Audre Lorde (editor)
1992 Bullets for Breakfast
1989 Sequestro (editor)
1988 Who Killed Vincent Chin? (editor)
1987 s o f t s h o e
1984 Rushlight (aka Here Today Gone Tomorrow)
1980 Ghost Dance
1978 This is Montage
1978 Chickenstew
1977 From the Ladies
1976 Glass Shadows
1974 Apple Summer
1972 Offseason
1970 Subway
1968 Psssht (co-director)
1968 Waterman (co-director)
1966 Progress, Pork-Barrel, and Pheasant Feathers (co-director)


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