Née, Elfriede


Elfriede Née (Ruth Solter) was born in 1922 in Königsberg (now: Kaliningrad, Russia). She worked in Lübeck, Erlangen and Darmstadt. In 1948, she moved to Leipzig and played at the Schauspielhaus, including in Goethe’s Faust (1949). After director Wolfgang Langhoff saw her in a guest performance of the Leipzig theater at the Berliner Ensemble, he invited her to join the ensemble of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin in 1953, where she worked with well-known directors, including Wolfgang Heinz and Klaus Erforth.


Parallel to her theater work, Elfriede Née performed in film. One of her memorable supporting roles is Ruth Solter, the wife of the engineer who tries to fight against old methods of management, in Günter Stahnke’s banned film Der Frühling braucht Zeit. Née was also cast for Lied der Matrosen (dir. Kurt Maetzig) and for Frank Beyer’s docu-drama Rottenknechte about the fate of German marines at the end of WWII. Elfriede Née shared the screen with leading East German actors, including Ekkehard Schall, Günter Simon, Dieter Mann, Fred Düren and Alexander Lang.


Née hit the Neues Deutschland headlines when she refused to join a protest during the workers’ uprising and was struck down by angry demonstrators on June 17, 1953.


1977 Zur See (At Sea, TV series)
1974 Unser blaues Dach (Our Blue Roof, TV)
1974 Kabale und Liebe (Intrigue and Love, TV)
1972 Um den Tod eines Justizobersekretärs (The Death of the Court Office Secretary, TV)
1971 Rottenknechte (TV, mini-series)
1965 Der Frühling braucht Zeit (Spring Takes Time)
1964 Hotel du Commerce (TV)
1963 Der Kirschgarten (The Cherry Orchard, TV)
1962 Keine Zeit für Helden (No Time for Heroes, TV)
1961 Matthes und der Bürgermeister (Matthes and the Mayor, TV)
1958 Das Lied der Matrosen (Song of the Sailors)
1958 Stacheltier: Die Leidtragenden (Porcupine: The Sufferers, short)


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