Rosié, Thomas


Born in Berlin in 1942, Thomas Rosié studied camera work at the Academy for Film and Television in Potsdam-Babelsberg from 1961 to 1963. He worked as a film photographer, cameraman and special effects technician for East German Television until 1968. Since then, he has brought his experience as a special effects designer and cinematographer to the Moser+Rosié special effects studio, which he founded along with Hans Moser.


1999 Hans Warns – Mein 20. Jahrhundert (Hans Warns – My 20th Century)
1993 Der olympischer Sommer (The Olympic Summer)
1989 Snow White and Rose Red
1987 Schatten (Shadows)
1984 Hallo (Hello)
1983 Besuchen Sie Europa (Visit Europe!)
1982 Der Kamm (The Comb)
1979 The Milky-Way, TV
1979 Trick and Track (TV series)
1973 Wer die Erde liebt (Whoever Loves the Earth)

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