Frohriep, Jürgen


Jürgen Frohriep was born in Rostock, Germany on April 28, 1928. Like many boys of his generation, he was called up for military service at the end of WWII. After the war, he worked at various jobs and joined an amateur theater group. In 1951, Frohriep got his first professional engagement at the Theater der Freundschaft in East Berlin; theaters in Stralsund, Erfurt and Altenburg followed.


After his successful film debut in Sterne, Frohriep became a member of the acting ensemble at the East German DEFA film studios. He appeared in Gerhard Klein’s banned film Berlin um die Ecke, the Western Chingachgook, die große Schlange, and Die Legende von Paul und Paula. He concurrently acted in television productions and became an audience favorite with his performance as detective Hübner in the television crime series Polizeiruf 110; as Hübner, he investigated over 60 criminal cases, airing until 1994. Frohriep was also known for his voice and dubbed many international films, lending his voice to stars such as Charlton Heston (Antony and Cleopatra).


 The end of East Germany in 1990 also drastically reduced Frohriep’s acting opportunities. He died in relative obscurity in Berlin in July 1993.



1972-93 Polizeiruf 110 (Police Call 110, TV series)
1972 Die Legende von Paul und Paula (The Legend of Paula and Paula)
1971 Liebeserklärung an G.T. (Declaration of Love to G.T.)
1970 Signale – Ein Weltraumabenteuer (Signals: A Space Adventure, synchronisation)
1969 Krupp und Krause (Krupp and Krause, TV series)
1967 Chingachgook, die große Schlange (Chingachgook, the Great Snake)
1965 Berlin um die Ecke (Berlin around the Corner)
1965 Wolf unter Wölfen (Wolf among Wolves, TV series)
1964 Das Lied vom Trompeter (The Song of the Trumpeter)
1962 Der Kinnhaken (The Punch to the Jaw)
1962 Das grüne Ungeheuer (The Green Monster, TV)
1962 Die Entdeckung des Julian Böll (Julian Böll’s Discovery)
1961 Küßchen und der General (Little Kiss and the General)
1960 Die Liebe und der Co-Pilot (Love and the Co-Pilot)
1959 Weißes Blut (White Blood)
1959 Sterne (Stars)

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